GMAT Questions and Answers – Official GMAT 2023 Download

GMAT Questions and Answers – Official GMAT 2023 Download. Are you preparing for GMAT exam? If yes, make sure you download our Official Guide for GMAT Quantitative Review 2023 compiled by

The GMAT Questions and Answers comprises 

  1. Advance your skills with 300 additional
    practice questions unique to this guide,
  2. Problem Solving and Data Suffi ciency
    questions with answer explanations
  3. Create your own practice sets online
  4. Exclusive online videos with study tips and
    test-taking strategies

GMAT Questions and Answers - Official GMAT Download

What Is the GMAT

GMAT was designed to help admissions officers evaluate how suitable individual applicants
are for their graduate business and management programs. It measures basic verbal, mathematical, and
analytical writing skills that a test‐taker has developed over a long period of time through education
and work.

Th e GMAT exam does not measure a person’s knowledge of specific fields of study. Graduate business
and management programs enroll people from many diff erent undergraduate and work backgrounds, so
rather than test your mastery of any particular subject area, the GMAT exam will assess your acquired

Your GMAT score will give admissions officers a statistically reliable measure of how well you are
likely to perform academically in the core curriculum of a graduate business program.

Of course, there are many other qualifications that can help people succeed in business school and in
their careers—for instance, job experience, leadership ability, motivation, and interpersonal skills.

Th eGMAT exam does not gauge these qualities. Th at is why your GMAT score is intended to be used as
one standard admissions criterion among other, more subjective, criteria, such as admissions essays and

How to Buy GMAT Questions and Answers 2023 PDF

The Official GMAT 2023 is N5,000.

See the picture below

GMAT Questions and Answers - Official GMAT 2017 Download

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