what happens if you fail post ume ?

Do you know what happens if you fail post ume ? The answer is that you will not get admission this year.

Now the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) has reduced the cut off mark to 120. Because of this, so many candidates are qualified for the admission. Because of this, so many schools will conduct post ume exam to screen their candidates.

what happens if you fail post ume ?

what happens if you fail post ume ?

As you can imagine, schools will set their admission cut off point based on the post utme performance.

Candidates who score high in post utme will be given admission and candidates with low score will be rejected.

How will University Do Admission This Year?

You might want to ask how will universities in nigeria do admission this year? Yes, this year’s admission will be very competitive because the number of candidate who has the jamb cut off mark is much.

Remember JAMB cut off mark is pegged at 120 and over 569,395 of the 1.7 million candidates scored over 200 marks and the universities in Nigeria do not have the capacity to admit this high number of candidates.

Also, the federal government lifted ban on post utme exam saying that schools that wish to conduct the exam can do so.

Earlier in the week, jamb released new admission policy stressing on the central admission processing system (caps).

Now the question is, how many universities in Nigeria accept 120 as their cut off mark? The answer is not yet.

This means that schools will use post utme exam to screen out unqualified candidates who might have had jamb cut off point for admission.

So Whats the Way Forwards for Candidates?

We advice all candidates to start preparing very well for post utme exam. Luckily we have post utme past questions for various schools. These past questions can help candidates to prepare very well for the exam.

How to Get Post UTME Past Questions for your School

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