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Questions I to 10 are based on selected poems from Ker, D. et at (eds.): New Poetry from Africa; Soyinka, W. (ed.): Poems of Black Africa; Senanu, K. E. and Vincent, T. (eds.): A Selection of African Poetry; Umukoro, M. et al (eds): Exam Focus: Literature in English; Eruvbetine, A. E. et al (eds.): Longman Examination Guides and Nwoga, D. L (ed): West African Verse.

1. In We must Learn Again to Fly; Ofeimum exhorts the reader
A. not to lose hope in the face of adversity
B. to enjoy his success
C. to give up if he does not succeed
D. to work harder even if he succeeds.

2. The subject matter of Wangusa’s A Taxi Driver on His Death is
A. the road B. death
C. the vehicle D. the driver

3. Keats’ On the Grasshopper and Cricket is best described as
A. romantic B. medieval
C. metaphysical D. platonic.

4. The character addressed in Serenade is
A. from a poor family
B. in a joyous mood
C. in a sad mood
D. at war with another character.

5. Apart from his lover, the poet in Senghor’s I will Pronounce Your Name is also concerned with his A. religion B. continent
C. cinnamon D. wealth.

6. In Houseman’s To an Athlete Dying Young, the poet sees the death of the young athlete as
A. belated B. permanent
C. temporary D. timely.

7. Brutus’ A Troubadour I Traverse paints the picture of
A. peace amidst pestilence
B. love in a hostile environment
C. hatred inspired by state terror
D. hunger in the midst of plenty.

8. In Cheney-Coker’s Myopia, the attitude of the poet is one of
A. sympathy B. joy C. empathy D. envy.

9. Milton’s On His Blindness teaches human beings to
A. discountenance physical disabilities
B. regard disabilities as enduring
C. keep on struggling endlessly
D. use their talents sparingly.

10. In Clark’s Agbor Dancer, the drum is central to the message because it
A. portrays the drummer as an expert
B. reminds the poet of his cultural roots
C. provides the rhythm for the dancer
D. draws the spectators to the dancing arena.

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