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Questions I to 5 are based on William Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

1. The death of Polonius can be partly blamed on Hamlet’s
A. anger B. procrastination
C. fear D. disenchantment

2. Fear it, Ophelia, fear it, my dear sister;
And keep you in the rear of your affection,
Out of the shot and danger of desire,
The Chariest maid is prodigal enough
If she unmask her beauty to the moon.
In the excerpt above, Laertes warns Ophelia to beware of Hamlet’s attentions because
A. of his insanity
B. such attentions cannot be given by too young a
C. of his mournful state
D. the sincerity of his love is in doubt.

3. But, O, what form of prayer
Can serve my turn? Forgive me my foul
That cannot be; since I am still possessed
Of those effects for which I did the murder
Those effects which Claudius is still possessed
of from the excerpt above are
A. Hamlet’s orchard and his crown
B. young Hamlet and Gertrude
C. the crown and the queen
D. Norway and young Fortinbras.

4. In the play, the two revenge plots revolve around
A. Hamlet against Polonius and Laertes against
B. Hamlet against Claudius and Laertes against
C. Claudius against Hamlet and Laertes against
D. Ophelia against Hamlet and Laertes against

5. How does Queen Gertrude finally die?
A. Through strangulation. B. By venomed sword. C. From poisoned drink. D. Of snake bite.

Questions 6 to 10 are based on Ahmed Yerima’s Attahiru.

6. Abbas’ money which is stolen from his bag is
A. his inheritance from his uncle
B. his inheritance from his father
C. the proceeds from the goods he sells
D. the money his friend gives him.

7. The play is about
A. resistance to British administration
B. opposition to Christianity
C. disunity among the Hausa states
C. unity in the caliphate.

8. Characterization in the play comprises three major groups of
A. counsellors, spiritual advisers and soldiers
B. court officials, British soldiers and beggars
C. court officials, British officials and people
D. people, soldiers and beggars.

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