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1. Which Literature in English Question Paper Type is given to you?
A. Type A B. Type B
C. Type C D. Type D

Questions 2 to S are based on J.C. De Graft’s
Sons and, Daughters.

2. ‘I simply don’t understand what the matter with everybody is today. Everybody let me down, and….’
The speaker above is referring to
A. Hannah and George B, Aaron and Maanan
C. Lawyer B and Mrs. B
D. Fosuwa and Maidservant.

3. Maanan expresses dislike for Lawyer B because
A. his recent advances towards her
B. the betrayal of her father’s trust
C. the betrayal of his wife’s trust
D. his condemnation of her choice of career.

4. The traditional order in the play is represented by
A.Hannah B. Maanan C. Aunt D. Mrs. B.

5. Where does the play take place?
A. in George’s place B. In Aunt’s house
C. in Ofosu’s place D. On the street,

Questions 6 to 10 are based on William
Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.

6. ‘0’ deadly sin! 0 rude unthankfulness! Thy fault our law calls death, but the kind Prince, Taking thy part, bath rushed aside the law And turned that black word….’

Deadly sin refers to the
A. subde of Romeo B. Murder of Paris
C. murder of Tybalt D. suicide of Juliet.

7. The play is mostly written in
A. free verse B. metres C. foot D. blank verse.

8. ‘0 serpent heart, hid with a flowering face!’
The statement above refers to
A Romeo B. Tybalt C. Benvolio D. Juliet.

9. The spatial setting of the play is
A. Verona B. Padua C. Venice D Athens.

10. Romeo is banished to Mantua because he
A. marries Juliet without parental consent
B. attends Capulet’s party uninvited
C. attempts to kill Paris his rival
D. kills Tybalt in a street duel.

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