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1. An association between the root nodule bf a leguminous plant and Rhizobium sp. is known as
A. commensalisms B. mycorrhiza
C. parasitism D. symbiosis.

2. Amphibians are normally found
A. on dry land and in water
B. in water and on moist land
C. on moist land D. in water

3. Viviparity occurs in the
A. mammals B. reptiles C. ayes D. amphibians.

4. The jointed structure ii insects that bears organs which are sensitive to touch, smell and vibration is the
A. maxilla B. labium C. antenna D. abdomen.

5. Which of the following groups is the most advanced?
A. Pteridophytes B. Bryophytes C. Thallophytes
D. Gymnosperms.

6. Most monocots are easily recognized by their
A. short leaves with petioles
B. long and sword-like leaves
C. long and palm-like leaves
D. short leaves with many veinlets.

7. Water fleas, wood lice and barnacles belong to the group
A. arachnida B. crustacea C. insecta
D. chilopoda.

8. The mode of fedding in Amoeba and Hydra is
A. heterotrophic B. holophytic C. autotrophic
D. symbiotic.

9. Which of the following organisms does not exist as a single free living cell?
A. Paramecium B. Volvox C. Amoeba
D. Chlamydomonas.

Use the diagram below to answer questions 10 and 11

10. The structures labelled II and Ill respectively are
A. female organs and rhizoid
B. male organs and rhizoid
C. sporophyte and son
D. annulus and stalk of sporangium.

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