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1. The association between termites and the cellulose-digesting protozoans in their guts is an example of
A. commensalism B. saprophyism C. mutualism
D. parasitism.

2. A state in Nigeria that is most susceptible to desert encroachment is
A. Katsina B. Kaduna C. Taraba D. Kwara

3. A farm practice that results in the loss of soil fertility is
A. bush fallowing B. mixed farming
C. continuous cropping D. shifting cultivation.

Used the table below to answer questions 4 and 5.

Ecological Zone Temperature (oC) Rainfall (mm)
I 45 300
II 32 2000
III 30 2200
IV 15 800

4. High relative humidity will be expected in zones
A. II and IV B. II and Ill C. I and Ill D. I and IV

5. Which of the zones is likely to be a desert?
A. Ill B. IV C. lI D. I

6. The scarcity of food causes a sudden decrease in population size by
A. raising the mortality rate
B. minimizing the rate of competition
C. decreasing the reproductive rate
D. bringing about immigration.

7. The progressive loss of energy at each level in a food chain leads to
A. an increase in the number of organisms at each successive level
B. an increase in the total weight of living matter at each successive level
C. a decrease in biomass at each successive level
D. an increase in biomass at each successive level.

8. A caterpillar and an aphid living in different parts of the same plant can be said to
A. be in similar micro habitats
B. occupy the same ecological niche
C. be in different habitats
D. occupy different ecological niches.
9. The soil type that will be most difficult to plough in a wet season is one that is
A. silty B. sandy C. clayey D. loamy.

10. One adaptation of reptiles to water loss is the presence of
A. claws on limbs B. keratinous scales
C. long sticky tongues D. long tails.

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