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1. Which Question paper Type of Biology is given to you?
A. Type D B. Type I C. Type B D. Type U

2. The process in which complex substances are broken down into simpler ones is referred to as
A. anabolism B. catabolism C. metabolism
D. tropism.

3. The organ which is sensitive to light in Euglena is the
A. gullet B. flagellum C. chloroplast D. eyespot.

4. The organelles present in cells that are actively respiring and photosynthesizing are
A. lysosomes and ribosomes
B. Golgi apparatus and endoplasmic reticulum
C. nucleus and centrioles
D. mitrochondria and chloroplast.

5. Taenia solium can be found in
A. cow B. goat C. dog D. pig

Use the diagram below to answer question 6 and 7.

6. The structure labeled II is the
A. spermathecal pore B. cocoon C. clitellum
D. chaetae.

7. The organism is found in soils rich in
A. mud B. humus C. clay D. sand.

8. Which of the following describes a characteristic of arthropods?
A. The organism finds it easy to grow freely
B. The organism has a pair of jointed appendages
C. The body is not divided into a number of segments.
D. The body is covered by chitin.

9. Which of the following distinguishes a butterfly from a moth?
A. The wings of butterfly rest horizontally but those of moth rest vertically.
B. Both are active during the day.
C. They have similar antennae
D. The abdomen of moth is fatter than that of butterfly.

10. Which of the following types of feathers is used for flight in birds?
A. Quill B. Filoplume C. covert D. Down.

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