JAMB Marking Scheme 2017: JAMB New Grading System

This is the official jamb marking scheme 2017. Are you writing JAMB UTME this year? If yes you might want to know exactly how JAMB marks your scripts and scores you (JAMB Marking Scheme). Also, you might also wonder – what is the total mark of jamb? Or how many do I need to score to pass JAMB? Is there negative marking for jamb 2017? This post will enlighten you about the way JAMB scores you.

JAMB Marking Scheme

JAMB Marking Scheme

In previous years, there have been a serious complain of poor JAMB results. In 2013 JAMB, 70% of candidates, who sat for JAMB-UTME scored below 180 aggregate.

This trend stimulated agitations from both parents and students and they want to know the marking scheme that JAMB use to grade its candidates.

Nature of JAMB UTME Exam

JAMB UTME Exam subject comprises (1) Use of English – Compulsory for all candidates (2) any three relevant subject – depending on the course of choice.

Use of English comprises 150 questions while the other 3 subjects comprise 50 questions each, making a total of 300 questions to be answered in 3 Hours 30 Min. (Three and a half hours).

Marks Allotted for Each Subject

Each subject carries 100 marks, making a total of 400 marks for the four (4) subjects. So candidates can score as high as 400 over 400. It’s possible because all the questions are graded over 400.

amb 2017 will be hard compared to JAMB written so far. The new JAMB syllabus will be approved this year. Any aspirant reading JAMB past questions should stop and purchase JAMB’s new brochure. It was also announced that each candidate will put a good passport photograph not black and white and thumb print before entering examination centres.

It was also announced that result will be sent to each candidate 9 hours after exam via e-mail. Ensure to register with a correct e-mail during registration. 2017 JAMB registration will last for one month, starting from the 20th of March till the 19th of April. Direct entry registration begins shortly after.
Examination questions will vary per candidate.

Candidates who score above 250 will gain merit admission by JAMB into the institution of choice.

2017 JAMB CBT will last 3 years for candidates with a score of 200 and above
Scholarship may be awarded to candidates with a score of 280 and above in various institutions for a 4-year degree program.
Check the first comment on this post.
O Level Result:- 40%







Five A1-40%

Five B2-35%

Five B3-30%

Five C4-25%

Five C5-20%

Five C6-15%
UTME Scores-60%

180-189 = 10%

190-199 = 20%

200-209 = 30%

210-219 = 40%

220-229 = 50%

230 & Above = 60%

Popular Questions Concerning JAMB Marking scheme 2017

Candidates are general confused about jamb marking method used every year. Recently, I received a lot of questions from JAMB CBT candidates on this matter.  See the questions below.

(1) did jamb do negative marking
(2) does jamb do negative marking
(3) does jamb still do negative marking
(4) does jamb really do negative marking
(5) does jamb mark negative marking
(6) does jamb engage in negative marking
(7) how is jamb marking scheme
(8) how is jamb marking
(9) is jamb marking according to type
(10) what is jamb marking scheme
(11) is jamb negative marking
(12) is jamb re-marking

JAMB Negative Marking (Explained)

There has been serious debates concerning, if JAMB uses negative marking scheme. In negative marking, I mean, if you have one wrong answer, it will cancel one right answer. From your intense research, we have discovered that JAMB is not doing any negative marking. This means what you get is what you get.

Is jamb marking according to type?

This is another vital question many candidates ask – is jamb marking according to type? The answer is yes. The whole exam question is sorted according to different types so that the jamb marking machine will understand it and mark them according to type.

Tips to Score High in JAMB

Get JAMB Past Questions and start preparing for your exam. Those that will write JAMB computer should visit Free JAMB CBT tutorial page.

I have writen post on how to score high in JAMB CBT this year. After the exam, you have to rush and check your JAMB result to no your stand.

I have written: 5 Things to Do After Seeing your JAMB Result.

Do you have comment or question? Drop it in the comments section. Don’t forget to share this post. See you on Top!

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I wish you success in your exam. See you on top!

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  1. Oke omowumi says:

    I want past questions and answer

  2. Victor Agustine says:

    Is it true that if u are to study accountancy u must write use of english Economic Government and Mathematics

  3. Amarachi says:

    Plz sir i wnt 2 knw my jamb result n ma reg num iz 46233613ED

  4. Amarachi says:

    Plz sir i wnt 2 knw my jamb result n ma reg num iz 46233613ED my e-mail iz amy4excellence@nokiamail.com

  5. kareem jany says:

    i need UDUSOK post ume question and answer.

  6. David Akindileni says:

    I disagree with your comments on negative markings. I believe JAMB does negative markings. I took JAMB last year and I scored 67 each in Economics and Government. Why would these marks be odd if there is no negative marking? There are 50 questions. The total score mark is 100. So it is logical that each question carries 2 marks. Therefore all scores should be even and not odd numbers. There is negative marking because JAMB removes one mark for every wrong question.

    • myPastQuestion says:

      @ David, from a reliable source, I can tell you that JAMB does not adopt any negative marking scheme. There are many issue that may arise which can lead to marks miscalculations or wrong score presentation. It might be from human error, OMR machine error even personal grudge on the part of the examiner, who handles the answer script. This forms the highpoint of interest that prompted JAMB to adopt a more reliable computer based testing system. With CBT, all marks will be auto-calculated without any mistake. This year’s JAMB CBT will be different. I hope this helps.

      • Samir says:

        For every one complaining about negative marking… jamb dosen’t mark negatively.. what they actually do is mark with percentage… they have been dowing this since PPT days and are still doing it with the CBT. For the CBT, there are 60 English questions, 40 questions each for other subjects.. that’s a total of 180 questions. But it’s being marked over 400. How?… let’s say u scored 32 out of 60 questions in English, they will mark: (32÷60)×100.. this gives u 53.3% out of 100% obtainable. They approximate it to 53% which is why all mark can’t be even numbers or only odd number because they use percentaget and not 2 marks or 1 mark or negative marking per question as people presumed.

  7. Maximum says:

    I have not yet see my jamb result…

  8. Jostman Dave says:

    It is obvious that jamb adopts nagative marking scheme of -1 on every wrong answer. In the this conclude 2015 cbt, even 2014 whic I took cbt, I scored nagative marks in biology and physics, why? Besides, by the nature of the exam, I scored lower than it should be. I strongly argue that jamb adopts nagative marking.

  9. Mike says:

    Pls sir, the total score for use of english is 150 nd the other sub are 100. Making 450. Hw come it’s 400?. Pls sire i need an urgent ans

  10. Ayoade says:

    Pls are u sure jamb is not marking negatively

  11. sandy says:

    he is right @ mike am so confused

  12. ALEXIS says:


  13. James says:

    This year “2017” jamb is over 300 or 400

  14. Daramola Monday Samuel says:

    There is no dout that jamb is making negatively because i dnt expect my score in dis jamb for the four subjects. Secondly, u just post how jamb award in various way but no mark in rewarded to me despite d use of one seat result… Why pls???

  15. Ada zion says:

    I scored 214 in 2017 jamb exam..Do i ve the chance of getting admitted at delsu..i want to change to delsu as my first choice nd also when is change of course and institution commencing??

  16. Ada zion says:

    I scored 214 in 2017 jamb exam..Do i ve the chance of getting admitted at delsu because i want to study nursing.

  17. Ada zion says:

    This is my waec result physics:B3,chemistry: B2,biology:B2,maths: B3,english:C5..is it ok with 2017 jamb score: 214 to study nursing or medicine at delsu.

    • Ifiokobong says:

      Yes you have a good waec result but your jamb score is low. You can still get admission. Succes

  18. Ada zion says:

    what is delsu cutoff mark for both nursing and medicine&surg.

  19. seun oladokun says:

    4 mass communication I did English, govt, literature n crs I hope am right choosing this subject. n choosing institution I chose uniben and lasu
    don’t know if 1 is allowed to choose 2 public schools.

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