NECO 2015 LITERATURE IN ENGLISH (Obj & Essay) + (PROSE) ANSWERS Past Questions and Answers

Question. Discuss the relationship between pokuwaa and her mother.

Pokuwa is a barren woman middle age woman and Kwadwo’s second wife.she is
kind,cheerful and highly emotional despite the stigma associated with her
childlessnessand she does not know how to harbour bitterness towards anyone
even when maltreated but her mother is particularly not happy that pokuwa
cannot give her a grandchild. She takes the task to lead pokuwa through all forms
of spiritual sacrifices and purifications.
She nags pokuwa into divorcing her first two husbands. Even when pokuwa
become tired of the charms and sacrifices and announces her withdrawal from
fetish worship that did not stop her mother from withdrawing from the fetish
worship until she was blessed with a child pokuwa’s motther was a very strong
woman and she was so tough that kwadwo fears greatly that pokuwa might
divorce him.

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