SEPTEMBER 15, 2006
(QUESTIONS 1-20 of 50)


Choose the option that best conveys the meaning of the underlined portion in each of the following sentences

1.  In the match against the Rangers team, the Enyimba boys turned out to be the dark horse (A) played most brilliantly
(B) played below their usual form
(C) won unexpectedly
(D) lost as expected
(E) won as expected

2.  He spoke with his heart in his mouth
(A) Courageously
(B) with such unusual cowardice
(C) with a lot of confusion in his speech
(D) without being able to make up his mind
(E) with fright and agitation

3.  The leader in today’s issue of punch newspaper focuses in inflation
(A) president
(B) headline
(C) editorial
(D) columnist
(E) proprietor

4.  All his plans fell through
(A) failed
(B) were accomplished
(C) had to be reviewed
(D) were rejected
(E) fell

5.  He stared at her
(A) glanced
(B) peeped
(C) looked
(D) gazed
(E) fixed

6.  As he was a gullible leader, his followers took advantage of him
(A) He was weak and unable to enforce his authority
(B) he was partial and unrail in dispensing justice
(C) he was simple minded to a fault
(D) he was slow to act
(E) he was lacking in education and experience in everyday affairs.

7.  His summary of the lecture was brief and to the point
(A) careful
(B) precise
(C) accurate
(D) exact
(E) crucial

8.  Do you have the same aversion as i do for home videos
(A) bitterness
(B) dislike
(C) criticism
(D) indignation
(E) preference

9.  I did not think she could be so easily taken in by his pretences
(A) flattered
(B) deceived
(C) pregnated
(D) overcome
(E) blackmailed

10.  The witness was guilty of swearing to a statement he knew to be false
(A) forgery
(B) perjury
(C) libel
(D) slander
(E) afidavit

11.  Most of his observations were wide of the mark
(A) comprehensive
(B) irrelevant
(C) pertinent
(D) came rather late
(E) unaccepted

12.  The clerk refused to answer for the mistakes made by the manager and his assistants
(A) to reply
(B) to give an answer
(C) to explain
(D) to accept responsiblity
(E) to account

13.  Good citizens should take the part of government when it is being attached by the foreign press.
(A) speak in support of
(B) explain the part played by
(C) act like a representative of
(D) emphasize the progress made by
(E) outline the virtues of

14.  The principal of my school has a variety of pecularities. The most conspicuous is the way he gesticulates when making a serious point.
(A) shows anxiety when making a serious point
(B) breaks down when talking seriously
(C) uses his hands and arms as a sign
(D) bow his head in humility
(E) shakes his head from one side to the other

15.  He heard the loud noise of the huge air raid siren
(A) buzz
(B) crack
(C) rumble
(D) whistle
(E) wail

16.  One of the stages of the creative process is the incubation period. This refers to the period when
(A) the idea is firmly fixed through repetition
(B) the person suddenly comes upon the idea
(C) the person thinks over the idea
(D) the idea yields concrete results
(E) the idea is given up

17.  When a man is immune to an illness. he is
(A) opposed to it
(B) attached to it
(C) hated by it
(D) pro  tected against it
(E) addicted to it

18.  The two boxers were neck and neck up till the sixth round but in the seventh and final round, the bigger one lost ground
(A) could no longer stand on his feet
(B) falled to maintain his position
(C)was beaten
(D) became dizzy
(E) became a punching bag

19.  He uses his savings to bring up his nephew
(A) lead
(B) accompany
(C) feed
(D) support
(E) conduct

20.  Whenever i travel abroad, i always bring on my return, photographs, postcards and other small items as souvenirs
(A) mementoes
(B) remembrance
(D) memorable
(E) property

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