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Subject: USE OF ENGLISH     Time allowed: 30 minutes

Instruction: Read the following instructions carefully:

1. Use HB pencil to shade in your answers. Ensure that any shading in error is thoroughly erased.
2. Candidates should write their names (Surname first), JAMB Registration number, Paper code, sex, JAMB score, Faculty of first and second choice and the question paper option given to them, in the appropriate spaces on the answer sheets.
3. Attempt all question. Each candidate must submit the answer sheet with the question paper.
4. The use of calculator and/or similar electronic devices is NOT allowed.

Read the passage below carefully and answer the questions that follow. Each question carries 2marks.


Primitive man was probably more with fire and a source warmth and means of cooking food than as a source of light. Before he discovered less laborious ways of making fire. he had a preserve it and when ever went on a journey, He carried firebrand with his hand. His discovery that the firebrand, from which the torch may well have developed. Could be used for illumination was probably incidental to the primary purpose of preserving a dame.

 Lamps, to be probably developed by accident, barley man may have had his his first conception of lamp while watching a wig or fibre burning in the molten fat dropped from roasting. All he had to do was to fashion a vessel to contain fat and heat a lighted wood in it. Such lamps, which were made of hollowed sen-shells, have persisted in identical form up to quite recent times.

1. Primitive men carried a firebrand during his journey mainly for
A. illumination
B. cooking
C. flame preservation
D. warmth

2. Primitive man was least concerned with fire as a
A. means of cooking
B. source of warmth
C. source of light
D. more of traveling

3. According the passage, the torch probably developed from

4. One way early man made a lamp was putting lighted reed in a
A. hollowed stone
B. sea-shell
C. vessel
D. molten fat

5. Primitive man preserved fire because
A. ha had it for illumination during his travel
B. his methods of making fire was laborious
C. he wanted to discover hoe to make a lamb
D. he wanted to develop the torch

Read the passage below carefully and answer the questions that follow. Each question carries 2marks


Delinquency describes actions that would not be crime if performed by adults. If a young person of such actions. Then he has committed a crime. Delinquency is one of several status offences – offences can be committed only by people in a particular station of life as determined by age, profession or a person’s in secretly for young people. Such offences include drinking, driving and smoking underage. Usually, the offences only to the extent that help to preserve some of the good things of life for the exclusive enjoy of the adult world. Deliquency is, therefore, a weapon forged in adult minds directed by adult against young people. It is borne out of envy, adult pride and intolerance. The adult should expect a new deal

 6. The of the passage believes that delinquency laws are
A. not relevant to human society
B. only fit for young people
C. unfair to the juveniles
D. very fair to the adult world

7. Status offences are those that can be committed by
A. all adults
B. juveniles only
C. delinquent juveniles
D. specified classes of people

8. In the view of the writer, drinking underage is an offence because
A. adults want to have all the drinks to themselves
B. adults do no want juveniles to get drunk
C. drunken juveniles can cause disorders in the society
D. adults have a duty to protect young people

9. If the world changed overnight
A. There would be more delinquency laws
B. Delinquency will refer to all adult actions
C. Delinquency would no more be a crime
D. The world will be turned upside down

10. When young people make and enforce laws
A. the responsibility will be too heavy on their shoulders
B. they would retaliate against the adult
C. their laws will be turned upside down

In question 11 to 24, choose the opinion that is nearest in meaning to the word(s) or phrase(s) underlined

11. Once I have finished all my homework, I am permitted to watch television
A. I can only watch television after doing my homework
B. I can watch television at my time
C. I can only finish my homework after permission to watch television
D. After watching television I finished my homework

12. In their desire to impress their friends and relatives, many young workers bite off more than they can in terms of financial obligations
A. have more money than sense
B. spend too more money on food
C. care too much for their relatives
D. take on more responsibility than they can afford

13. The new inspector of police decided that culprits should be brought to book
A. should have their names recorded in a book
B. should be made to answer for their conduct
C. should be booked
D. should be brought before him to show whether they could reach or not

14. The discussion become uninvited
A. specialized
C .unruly
D. intellectual

15. The beggar’s taking snow – bailed every hour
A. grew B. turned white C. grew into a ball D. turned into snow

16. The preacher has made good his promise to visit some of his converts today.
A. fulfilled B. improved on C. seen to D. accepted

17. Look at the tell sign of ballcring on her
A. confirming looks B. suspicious marks C. revealing D. signifying

18. The armed robbers who raided passengers on the outskirt of the city came to grief when they had a shootout with the police today.
A. came to a bad end B. became defeated C. seen to D. accepted

19. This is a miniaturized future vision of your house, remarked the architect

20. It is claimed that volcano near New Orleans is oxtinct
A. dormant B. inactive C. dead D. disused

21. My nephew came straight enough the back gate
A. briskly B. boldly C. boldly D. quietly

22. Your extreme patience sometimes infuriates me
A. impresses B. annoyance C. frustrates D. amuses

23. Joke has a humorous disposition
A. funny B. beautiful C. strong D. alluring

24. The musician’s soaring
A. changing B. rising C. sliding D. disappearing

In question 25-23, choose the option that best fills the gap(s)

25. Johnson is a stubborn man, he will never ………….. his words
A. chew B. spit C. eat D. bite

26. Kindly ………. Me your book because my friend has ……… minor
A. borrow/borrowed B. borrow/lent C. lend D. lend/borrow

27. Two young boys have been caught with parts of the stolen machine but ………. Admitted stealing
A. neither of them has B. neither of them have C. none of them has D. none of them have

28. Joseph is now a ……….. Student but it looks him year to …………
A. matured/mature B. mature/mature C. mature/matured D. matured/matured

29. The rebels will soon back, we have been informed …. Their …….
A. of/predicament B. about/indulge C.on/reanament D. as for/advancement

30. The adventures ran into many ………. In the forest
A. dear B. dears C. deers D. deer

31. The class ………. More of girl than boys this session
A. comprised of B. comprises of C. comprise D. comprises

32. I shall work hard so that I can ……… a distinction in english
A. secure B. make C. receive D. grab

In question 33 to 38, fill the gap with the option that is most nearly opposite to the word(s) or phrase underlined.

33. The old prison warder has many vices and hardly any ………..
A. qualms B. conscience C. vitae D. characteristics

34. My uncle insisted that a map was essential for the journey but it later proved to be …………
A. frontiers B. unnecessary C. disorder D. disappointing

35. Nigerian airways is trying to improve its foreign and …….services
A. frontiers B. interior C. native D. domestic

36. Most of the electric power for the country comes from a gigabits dam built across the river at several …… ones are, however being plan for irrigation purposes.

37. The accused pleaded that the incident was accidental but the prosecution claimed that it was …….
A. premeditated B. otherwise C. treasonable D. unwarranted

38. It was when the man ceased living a nobodie life and adopted the ……. Ways of the city that civilians begin to flourish

 In questions 39 and 40, identify the option that has a different stress pattern from the test

39. A. bookcase B. untie C. except D. adopt

40. A. endeavor B. magazine C. confession D. example


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