UNILAG 2006 English Language Post UTME Past Questions and Answers

UNILAG 2006 English Language Post UTME Past Questions and Answers


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Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow it:

Whenever I told people that I was going to the psychiatric Hospital, Yaba in Lagos, many of them look at my face with some kind of suspicion or sympathy. At least that was the message that I read from their faces.

I understood suspicion to mean that they might be troubled or worried if I had some psychiatric problem myself concerning the concept of sympathy, they might have thought that I had a patient that I went there to see or visit. How on earth they thought that way baffled me! In reality, the hospital was built for the care of people with some kind of psychiatric problem or another. Did it mean, then that all persons that one found in the hospital in any given time had psychiatric problem? Or, could someone not go to the place for things other than seeking psychiatric assistance?

What might be responsible for this kind of attitude was the lack of education or precisely, good

Education. After all, education could help people to differentiate their right from the left hand. What such people might have done was to request to know what one was going there to do. Such a request would have solved the suspicion and sympathy problems.


1. The word them in the first paragraph belongs to the grammatical class of a

(a) noun

(b) Verb

(c) adjective

(d) Pronoun

2. To read from someone’s face as used in the passage means

(a) Understand

(b) Guess

(c) Know

(d) See

3. Sympathy attributively means

(a) The show of concern to a very sick person

(b) That one must go to look after one that is sick

(c) That the writer has a person in such a hospital

(d) That one’s relation has just been very ill

4. Suspicion as used in the passage means

(a) Introvert

(b) Suspect

(c) Introspect

(d) Extrovert

5. The statement “How on earth they thought that way baffled me” is a grammatical example of a/an

(a) Exclamation

(b) Declaration

(c) imperative

(d) rhetorical

Fill in the gaps in the following passage as appropriate

Central Banks around the world intervened to the tune of one hundred and twenty dollars recently to shore up confidence in the global financial system concerns about a crunch in the credit markets spread.

The United States Federal Reserve became the last central bank to make extra………6……. available to the financial institution in the……… 7………..market. In a statement made recently the Federal Reserve said it was “providing liquidity to facilitate the orderly……… 8……..of financial market” and offered to provide reserves “as necessary” to promote a federal………. 9………rate close to its target rate of 5.25 percent.


a. liquidity

b. Money

c. cash

d. facility


a. lending

b repurchase

c. credit

d. borrowing


a. arrangement

b. issuance

c. purchase

d. functioning


a. funds

b. money

c. liquidity

d. cash

In question 10, choose the option opposite in meaning to the word underlined

10. Children at the age of ten are usually voracious

(a) Without appetite

(b) Very weak

(c) Very intelligent

(d) Very troublesome

In question 11, choose the option nearest in meaning to the word underlined

11. There were sporadic occurrences of small pox in the village.

(a) Widespread

(b) Occasional

(c) Sparse

(d) Regular

Choose the option that gives the meaning nearest to that of the idiom underlined in the sentence in question 12.

12. He had his fingers in every pie

(a) Told interesting stories

(b) Loved eating the pie

(c) Was involved in everything

(d) Baked all the pie

In the next question, select the best option that best explain the information conveyed in the sentence

13. She opened the letter and her face fell

(a) She looked at it closely

(b) She started crying

(c) She looked very surprised

(d) She looked suddenly disappointed

Choose the option from the list given that completes the sentence in question 14

14. To……….. Nigerians, corruption in high places is not strange

(a) We

(b) Us

(c) Ours

(d) Ourselves

From the words lettered A – D, choose the one that best complete the sentence in question 15

15. The guest speaker is about rounding………………his speech.

(a) of

(b) off

(c) Up

(d) Down


1. A
2. B

3. A

4. C

5. D

6. A

7. C

8. B

9. C

10. A

11. C

12. C

13. D

14. A

15. B

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