Uniuyo Post Utme Past Questions 2009-2010 Session



Uniuyo Post Utme Past Questions 2009-2010 Session


Instruction: from the options lettered A-D, pick the correct answer and shade accordingly.

  1. Which of the following materials is a conductor?
    (A). Plastic
    (B). Sodium
    (C). Wax
    (D). Glass
  2. The change carries in gases are
    (A) ions only
    (B) Electrons and holes
    (C)  electrons only
    (d) electrons and ions.
  3. The time it will take a certain radioactive material with a half-life of 50 days to reduce to 1/32 of its original number is
    (a) 300 days
    (b) 150 days
    (c) 200 days
    (d) 250 days
  4. The amount of energy released when 0.5 kg of uranium is burnt completely is
    (a) 4.5 x 1016J
    (b) 1.5 x 1016J
    (c) 1.5 x 108J
    (d) 4.5 x 108J
  5. The current in a reversed- biased junction is due to
    (a) electron
    (b) majority carriers
    (c) holes
    (d) minority carriers
  6. If two inductor of inductance 3H and 6H are arranged in series, the total inductance is:
    (a) 18.0H
    (b) 9.0H
    (c) 2.0H
    (d) 0.5H
  7. The north pole of a magnet can never be separated from the south pole because of a property known as
    (a) magnetic dipole
    (b) magnetic octopole
    (c) magnetic monopole
    (d) magnetic quadrupole
  8.  A force of 200N acts between two objects at a certain distance apart, the value of the force when the distance is halved is
    (a) 100N
    (b) 200N
    (c) 800N
    (d) 400N
  9. A thin converging lens has a power of 4.0 diopters. Determine its focal length
    (a) 0.25m
    (b) 0.03m
    (c) 5.00m
    (d) 2.50m
  10. The process whereby a liquid turns spontaneously into vapour is called
    (a) evaporation
    (b) regulation
    (c) boiling
    (d) sublimation
  11. A stone of mass m kg is held meters above the floor for 50s. the work done in joules over this period is:
    (a) mh
    (b) mgh
    (c) mgh/g
    (d) 0
  12. An inclined plane which makes an angle of 30o with the horizontal has a velocity ratio of

(a) 2
(b) 1
(c) 0.866
(d) 0.50

  1. A wave distributors travelling in air enters a medium in which its velocity is less than that in air. Which of the following stamen is true about the wave in the medium?
    (a) both the frequency of the wave and the wave-length is decreased
    (b) the frequency of the wave is decreased while the wave length is increased
    (c) the frequency of the wave is unaltered while the wavelength is decreased
    (d) the frequency of the wave is decreased while the wave length is unaltered.
  2. Shadows and eclipse result from the
    (a) refraction of light
    (b) rectilinear propagation of light
    (c) defraction of light
    (d) reflection of light
  3. What must be the distance between an object and a converging lens of focal length 20m to produce an erect image two times the object height?
    (a) 20 cm
    (b) 15 cm
    (c) 10 cm
    (d) 5 cm
  4. When light is incident on an object which is magenta in colour, which of the following colours would be absorbed?
    (a) red and blue
    (b) green only
    (c)  red and green
    (d) red only
  5. If it takes 5.0 hours to drain a container of 540.0m3 of water, what is the rate of water from the container in kgs-1? Density of water= 1000kgm-3
    (a) 32.5
    (b) 31.5
    (c) 30.8
    (d) 30.0
  6. A motor vehicles is brought to rest from a speed of 1.5m-1 in 20 seconds. Calculate the retardation
    (a) 0.75 ms-2
    (b) 1.33ms-2
    (c) 5.00ms-2
    (d) 7.50ms-2
  7. Which of the following is truth of a particle moving in a horizontal circle with constant angular velocity?
    (a) the energy is constant but the linear momentum varies
    (b) the linear momentum is constant but the energy varies
    (c) both energy and linear momentum are constant
    (d) the speed and the linear velocity are both constant
  8. The meting point of naphthalene is 78oc. What is this temperature in Kelvin?
    (a) 100k
    (b) 351k
    (c) 378k
    (d) 444k
  9. If a room saturated with water vapour. The temperature of the room must be
    (a) at 0oc
    (b) above the dew point
    (c) at 100oc
    (d) below or at the dew point
  10. The fundamental frequency of vibration of a sonometer wire may be halved by
    (a) doubling the length of the wire
    (b) doubling the mass of the wire
    (c) reducing the tension of half
    (d) reducing the absolute temperature by half’s
  11.  If the Nigerian flag (green, white, green) is viewed in pure yellow light, which of the following set of colours would be observed on the flag?
    (a) green, yellow, green
    (b) red, yellow, red
    (c) black, yellow, black
    (d) green, white , green
  12. When a biro pen rubbed on a dry silk cloth is moved very close to a piece of paper on a dry table. The pen is found to pick up the paper. This is because
    (a) both the pen and the cloth are magnetized
    (b) the pen is magnetized but the cloth is not
    (c) the pen is charged while the cloth is magnetized
    (d) both the pen and the cloth are charged.
  13. If two parallel conductor carry current flowing in the same direction, the conductors wil
    (a) will attract each other
    (b) repel each other
    (c) both move in the same direction
    (d) have no effect on each other

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