UNIZIK Post UTME Past Questions and Answers

It is our pleasure to bring to you the Nnamdi Azikiwer University UNIZIK Post UTME Past Questions and Answers. This will enable prospective UNIZIK students to effectively prepare for their post UTME exams conducted by the institution.

Bellow is the UNIZIK Post UTME Past Questions and Answers for faculty of Arts for 2009/2010 Session.

We have all UNIZIK Post UTME Past Questions and Answers in soft downloadable copies and are available on request only. One of it is published below on this page. This question was painstakingly collated and typed to enable students who have far from Awka, to get the soft copy of the preparatory material.

Candidate are to note that this UNIZIK Post UTME Past Questions and Answers is just for preparatory purpose. Candidates are to practice the past questions effectively and master the pattern of UNIZIK post UTME Exams.





1.       SHADE FIRMLY only answer using HB pencil only

2.       SHADE your second choice of course in the column provided

Time allowed: 1hour date:                          July 6, 2009
choose one correct answer in the following

1.       A bitter remark intended to wound the fealing is
(a) a stire
(b) an illusion
(c) a sarcasm
(d) an ambiguity

2.       She waited for him for a thousand years illustrates
(a) euphemism
(b) hyperbole
(c) assonance
(d) ellipsis

3.       A literary device which expresses meaning in direact opposite is
(a) a metaphor
(b) paradox
(c) parody
(d) irony

4.       Forty hands desended on the devilish hand illustrates
(a) epigram
(b) synecdoche
(c) metonymy
(d) allegory

5.       Lagos does not sleep at night is an example of
(a) metaphor
(b) paradox
(c) hyperbole
(d) personification

6.       Pick the odd items
(a) the lion and the jewel
(b) the black hermit
(c) murder in the cathedral
(d) Robinson Crusoe

7.       A narrative in the oral tradition that may include legends and fables is a
(a) ballad
(b)  pastoral
(c) folktale
(d) romance

8.       A short speech at the beginning of a literary work which serves as commentary is a/an
(a) monologue
(b) prologue
(c) dialogue
(d) stanza

9.       Pick the odd item
(a) tragedy
(b) comedy
(c) stanza
(d) farce

10.   Any literary work which holds up society to ridicule is a
(a) satire
(b) fable
(c) lampoon
(d) limerick

11.   The feeling and attitude of a writer are conveyed by
(a) mood
(b) style
(c) theme
(d) setting

12.   A poem expressing grief on the death of a person is a/an
(a) epic
(b) elegy
(c) ode
(d) ballad

13.   Oh, this girl is not bad illustrates the use of
(a) synenoche
(b) allusion
(c) litotes
(d) personification

14.   An author life history about himself is a/an
(a) biography
(b) essay
(c) diary
(d) autobiography

15.   The person created or presented  in a literary work are
(a) heroes
(b) clowns
(c) actors
(d) character

16.   A group of lines separated from other groups in a poem is known as
(a)  verse
(b) caesura
(c) stanza
(d) meter

17.   A literary work in which animals are used as characters is a
(a) memoir   
(b) fable
(c) autobiography
(d) farce

18.   The old man passed away peacefully illustrate the use of
(a) bathos
(b) euphemism
(c) paradox
(d) irony

19.   The main effect of comedy on an audience is
(a) anxiety
(b) sadness
(c) laughter
(d) suspense

20.   The ending of most comedies is
(a) happy
(b) natural
(c) calm
(d) uncertain


Fill in  the blank spaces in the following sentences making use of the best of the four options

21.   The old car …………. Several times this year
(a) was repaired
(b) has been repaired
(c) had been repaired
(d) was being repaired

22.   You should show some consideration ……….the feeling of others
(a) with
(b) to
(c) about
(d) for

23.   If he had entered the room I ……… him
(a) saw
(b) had seen
(c) would have seen
(d) will see

24.   The horse is a winner,…….
(a) you can  take that from me
(b) you can say I say so
(c) you can take my word for it
(d) you may or may not believe it

25.   If we went to any European country………. Britain, we would need a substantial amount of money to pay our way
(a) like
(b) let us say
(c) as an example
(d) if we say

26.   ………. It might not look such a rosy proposition
(a) from his viewing proposal
(b) when he views the proposal
(c) having viewed the proposal
(d) from his point of view

27.   Emeka….. as a mechanic when he was young, but now he is a driver
(a) had been working
(b) used to work
(c) would have worked
(d) had  worked

28.   The student ……….. so much noise while the lecture was going on that the lecturer had to walk out of the class
(a) made
(b) had been making
(c) were making
(d) had made

29.   In  the past, his father used to walk but nowadays he……… to work by bicycle
(a) was going
(b) seldom goes
(c) goes
(d) is going

30.   By the end of the next semester, he………… his university education
(a) would have complete
(b) will be completing
(c) shall have completed
(d) must complete

31.   The telephone ……. In the nineteenth century and is now used in most countries in the world
(a) had been invented
(b) was invented
(c) has been invented
(d) would have been invented

32.   The way to stop some frivolous publications is to ………. The press
(a) gag
(b) shackle
(c) bind
(d) handcuff

33.   The exercise must be done…… possible
(a) as quick as
(b) as quicker as
(c) as quickly as
(d) as most quickly as

34.   For the part in the unsuccessful ……the mutineers were court-martialed
(a) coopes
(b) coupes
(c) coupe
(d) coup

35.   The chairman ruled the impertinent speaker ………
(a) according to order
(b) out of  order
(c) correctly
(d) contrary to order

36.   Your approach to the problem is different …………ours
(a) as
(b) likes
(c) from
(d) to

37.   You surely want……. In your tea, don’t you?
(a) all milk
(b) a milk
(c) some milk
(d) any milk

38.   Although he was invited to the party …………. He was not welcome
(a) but
(b) yet
(c) so
(d) because

39.   They…. Our donation with thanks
(a) received
(b) received
(c) receivied
(d) receipt

40.   I told him …..he had no chance
(a) quite by frankly
(b) quite frankly
(c) quite in frankness
(d) quite being frank

41.   The passenger waited penitently whilst they transferred his ……….from his taxi to the bus
(a) properties
(b) baggage’s
(c) luggage
(d) luggage’s

Choose the word or phrase from A TO D which has the nearest meaning to the underlined word or words in each of the following sentences

42.   He used his saving to bring up his nephew
(a) accompany
(b) feed
(c) lead
(d) support

43.   Mary is jealous of her sister’s success
(a) suspicious
(b) bitter
(c) mindful
(d) envious

44.   Our school prefect is too officious and all of us hate him because of his behaviour
(a) efficient
(b) efficacious
(c) over- zealous
(d) showy

45.   The president of our club has sent his regrets. He may be unable to attend the next meeting
(a) confusion
(b) explanation
(c) sadness
(d) apologies

46.   Whenever I travel abroad, I always bring, on my return, photographs, postcards and other small items as souvenirs
(a) mementoes
(b) mementoes
(c) memorials
(d) remembrance

47.   Because our representative in the national house of assembly is an immature and biased politician, he takes jaundiced view of our social and economic problems
(a) hazy 
(b) unclear
(c) prejudiced
(d) bright

48.   His wife for refused to point-blank to leave her matrimonial home
(a) boldly
(b) pointedly
(c0 sharply
(d) bluntly

49.   In some parts of nigeria, people are ostracized simply because of their ancestry
(a) abandoned
(b) shut off from society
(c) refused education
(d) hated and rendered unhappy

50.   One of the surest way to ensure good health is to  have a wholesome and adequate diet
(a) palatable
(b) mixed
(c) hygiene
(d) health-giving

Choose the word which is opposite in meaning to the underlined word in each of the following sentences

51.   The doctor was very gentle with his patient in the examining room
(a) harsh
(b) rude
(c) rough
(d) unkind

52.   John is a disco addict, he takes his studies rather lightly
(a) humorously
(b) tediously
(c) carefully
(d) seriously

53.   My brother is very lazy. He will not take his studies seriously. His future looks quite bleak   
(a) cloudy
(b) cheerless
(c) bright
(d) huge

54.   While our most recently elected legislator are living a life of affluences and ostentation, the vast majority of those who elected them into office are unhappy.
(a) influence
(b) pleasure
(c) poverty
(d) consequence

55.   It is generally believed that misers are not loved by many
(a) spenders
(b) spend thrifts
(c) savers
(d) hoarders 

56.   My brother’s primary school foundation was solid and their affected his secondary education
(a) sound
(b) shaky
(c) weak
(d) sordid

57.   Politicians and holders of politics appointment are generally assumed to be cunning
(a) kind
(b) generous
(c) straightforward
(d) sly

58.   This care entitles you to attend the film show
(a) disqualifies
(b) satisfies
(c) discourage
(d) proclaim

59.   The increase in transport fares deterred our club from planning an excursion this year
(a) deferred
(b) irritate
(c) restricted
(d) encourage

60.   The severity of the harmattan helped me to complete my writing assignment in record time because I had no choice but to lock myself indoors
(a) warmth
(b) mildness
(c) leniency
(d) gentleness

61.   Disgruntled people are indifferent to any plans to rid the society of evils  
(a) different from
(b) opposed to
(c) in agreement with
(d) interested in

62.   The deafening noise of two jet planes which flew across our compound yesterday made people to fear that an assault on the country might be imminent
(a) impending
(b) ahead
(c) remote
(d) eminent

63.   Many untrustworthy students gives evasive answer to question which they fully understand
(a) direct
(b) simple
(c) truthful
(d) clever

64.   The governor upheld the decision of his cabinet
(a) held up
(b) abolished
(c) reversed
(d) maintained

65.   He is loved for his altruism
(a) benevolence
(b) sincerity
(c) selfishness
(d) kindness

66.   James is naturally taciturn   
(a) friendly
(b) cheerful
(c) lively
(d) garrulous

67.   To most people last Christmas was an austere period
(a) prosperous
(b) harsh
(c) severe
(d) sour

68.   The chief was generous in his award of university scholarship
(a) noble
(b) considerate
(c) liberal
(d) mean

69.   The explosive growth of world population has not been caused by a sudden increase in human fertility
(a) fantastic
(b) gradual
(c) combustible
(d) dangerous

70.   The super eagles lost the match because their goalkeeper was in a haze
(a) indisposed
(b) confused
(c) alert
(d) sleeping

Choose the option nearest in meaning to the word(s) or phrase(s) underlined

71.   It is very difficult to know who is entitled commodities these days”, observed the mobbed NNSC official
(a) qualified for
(b) disqualified from
(c) eligible
(d) worthy of

72.   This is miniaturized version of your house” remarked the architect
(a) compressed
(b) abridged
(c) decreased
(d) smaller

73.   It is claimed that there is an extinct volcano near pankshin
(a) extinguished
(b) inactive
(c) discussed

74.   Esther has a sonorous voice
(a) high-pitched
(b) beautiful
(c) strong
(d) throaty

75.   Some workers went on rampage at a trade-fair
(a) turned violent
(b) robbed
(c) were angry
(d) demonstrated

76.   We have to identify the protagonist of the new movement
(a) enemies
(b) leading figures
(c) opponents
(d) believers

77.    My nephew came in stealthy through the back gate
(a) briskly
(b) boldly
(c) wearily
(d) quietly

78.   The distance is not more than twenty kilometer as the crow files    
(a) by the longest route
(b) by the shortest route
(c) by air
(d) by the fastest means

79.   Your extreme patience sometimes infuriates me
(a) impressed
(b) annoys
(c) frustrates
(d) amuses

80.   I can understand how he suddenly became audacious contrary to his nature
(a) proud
(b) bold
(c) rude
(d) hostel

81.   His has been a life of make-belief
(a) faith
(b) fantasy
(c) grandeur
(d) religion

82.   Our teacher seldom cones late to school
(a) very often
(b) always
(c) frequently
(d) hardly ever  

83.   At the age of 80 years, okeke wished he could put the clock back
(a) stop the clock
(b) put down the clock
(c) go back to the time
(d) have more time

84.   The director left his secret life to the secretary in good faith
(a) with proof
(b) in anxiety
(c) in anticipation
(d) in trust

85.   The chief approached the issue with convincing disinterestedness
(a) lack of interest
(b) lack of personal interest
(c) inability to be interested
(d) unwillingness

86.   Nothing irritates the clerk more than being assigned miscellaneous duties
(a) classified
(b) confidential
(c) unscheduled
(d) assorted

87.   It is of fundamental importance that one sleeps properly
(a) undisputed
(b) basic
(c) special
(d) least

88.   I know you have been eaves-dropping all along
(a) dropping gently
(b) paying attention
(c) listening secretly
(d) dropping all the leaves

89.   She showed an affected interest in the game
(a) at meal time
(b) pretended
(c) concerned
(d) slight

90.   I would not like you to do the work piecemeal
(a) at meal time
(b) bit by bit
(c) badly
(d) as a masterpiece

Choose the word(s) or phrase(s) which best fill the gap(s)

91.   I was……….. hearing distance of the speaker
(a) on
(b) at
(c) within
(d) in

92.   Peter was such a skillful boxer that he was not afraid to take …………… anybody
(a)  to
(b) upon
(c) on
(d) in

93.   Owing to the constant harassment of the populace by armed robbers, all night guard have been instructed to shoot……. Every moving object
(a) at sight
(b) in sight
(c) in sight
(d)  off sight

94.   My wife and I were to celebrate our silver Wedding, Anniversary last Sunday. Unfortunately, on that ……………….day, my father-in-law died mysteriously
(a) fruitless
(b) faithful
(c) futile
(d) fateful

95.   The first graduation ceremony of the university was attended by men of all…………
(a) works
(b) areas
(c) walks
(d) parts

96.   ……………….guest enjoyed the birthday party
(a) the whole
(b) all the
9c) every
(d) those very

97.   One would wish…………. Missed that opportunity to be present at the graduation ball
(a) to have  not
(b) for having not
(c) to having
(d) not to have

98.   The ceremony was rounded…………… very late
(a) up
(b) off
(c) of
(d) out

99.   My ……………brother intends to get married to Nkechi in December 
(a) senior
(b) elder
(c) older
(d) oldest

100.                        Chinyere has not really described the cabinet as irresponsible, she only………….. it is her speech
(a) alluded to
(b) implied
(c) applied
(d) suggested.

We have all UNIZIK Post UTME Past Questions and Answers in soft downloadable copies and are available on request only. One of it is published below on this page. This question was painstakingly collated and typed to enable students who have far from Awka, to get the soft copy of the preparatory material.

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