British High Commission Interview Past Questions (Over 20)

See the likely British High Commission interview past questions. You will find this very useful if you are preparing for job interview at the British High Commission or any of the Interviews for top jobs at Foreign and Commonwealth Offices.

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British High Commission Interview Past Questions (Over 20)

  1. Please tell us about this specific position, and provide details about that position while you were with your last employer.
  2. Tell me a time when you worked as a group.
  3. What is one obstacle you’ve faced at work that you had to overcome?
  4. How would you be able to tell if a trip with a UK minster went well?
  5. Discuss a time when you had to do something you didn’t agree with.
  6. How would you prepare for a Minister’s arrival if you had six months to organize it?
  7. What news channels and periodicals I read on a daily basis (mostly because I just was not expected this question for the position)?
  8. What is more important to you, the job or money?
  9. If we hired you tomorrow, tell me how you would go about planning X event?
  10. how do I manage difficult challenges
  11. Tell us about a time where you had to think outside of the box
  12. What is your worst characteristic?
  13. What was an challenge you had to overcome?
  14. Why would you change career to government position?
  15. Write a formal letter thanking a public official for attending the queens birthday reception
  16. Give us an example of a difficult customer and how you dealt with him
  17. Q) Why are you applying for this role as you have already done many internships in the past?
    Q) Why do you want to work for the FCO?
    Q) What does the role entail?
    Q) Can you give us an example of a time where you had to manage your time effectively and meet many deadlines?
    Tell me about yourself
    b. What experience do you have in this field?
    c. Why do you want this job?
    d. Why should we hire you?
    e. How did you face the deadline?
    f. Do you have any question for us?
  19. tell me about a time you faced with resistance and how you went about this?
  20. Tell us about a time when you delivered a project and it did not go to plan. How did you go about overcome the difficulties?
  21. How does this fit into your past positions.
  22. Give us an example of a challenging situation. What did you do? What was the outcome?
  23. Describe a situation where you have played a key role in communicating and influencing decisions

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