CRS WAEC Past Questions

English Past Question 2021

CRS WAEC Past Questions – Studying past questions is a valuable part of exam preparation and helps keep revision focused on important themes whilst practicing exam-style questions. Past question papers are one of the most helpful tools available to prepare for examinations as they provide students with practical insight into how the forthcoming data processing exams are likely to look and the key themes or subject areas most likely to be covered. Before starting revision for a subject it is always worth taking time to seek out past questions papers and to prepare on time because maximum preparation equals good results.

CRS WAEC Past Questions

Why you need CRS WAEC Past Questions

Past questions are helpful tools for preparing for examinations as they provide you with practical insight into how the examination body sets its exams, how the exam you are preparing for might look as well as key themes or subject areas likely to be touched.

CRS WAEC Past Questions pattern

Yes, you can get CRS WAEC Past Questions from us. Just for us to demonstrate to you that we have the authentic it, we can send you a link to download one-year past questions from us.

The Nebosh questions in pdf come in three (2) forms. There is a multiple-choice question pattern which is the objectives and the theory part also known as the essay and there is no practical aspect of the exams.

Sample of CRS WAEC Past Questions

  1. God created man and asked him to dominate all the following except _________

A Fish of the sea

B Spirit of the earth

C Birds of the air

D Creeping animals

2. Adam called Eve a woman because she was _________
A resemblance of man

B helper of man

C Mother of mankind

D Made out of man

3. Which of the following experiences did Joseph not go through? He was __________
A. Sold into slavery
B. Sentenced and Imprisoned
C. Cast into a pit
D. Molested and Raped
4. Joseph earned his brother’s hatred because _______
A. He carried an ill report of them to Jacob
B. He was a dreamer
C. Jacob had more love for Joseph
D. He did not join them to shepherd the flock
5. As Joseph revealed himself to his brothers, he told them that God allowed him to be sold into slavery to______________
A. Stop the Famine
B. Preserve Life
C. Punish them
D. Seek revenge
6. The parents of Moses did the following to ensure his survival except__________
A. Casting him into a river
B. Hiding him for three months
C. Putting him in a padded basket
D. His sister watching him
7. The Parents of Moses belonged to the tribe of __________
A. Judah
B. Benjamin
C. Levi
D. Ephraim

8. These are your gods, O Israel, who brought you up out of the land of Egypt! This statement above was a manifestation of Israel’s ____________

A. Unfaithfulness
B. Immorality
C. Adultery
D. Idolatry

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7 Tips to Prepare for CRS WAEC Exams

  1. Don’t make reading your hobby: A lot of people put reading as a hobby in their CV, they might be right because they have finished schooling. But “You” are still schooling, so reading should be a top priority, not a hobby. Read far and wide to enhance your level of aptitude
  2. Get Exams Preparation Materials: These involve textbooks, dictionaries, Babcock University Post UTME Past Questions and Answers, mock questions, and others. These materials will enhance your mastery of the scope of the exams you are expecting.
  3. Attend Extramural Classes: Register and attend extramural classes at your location. This class will help you refresh your memory and boost your classroom understanding and discoveries of new knowledge.
  4. Sleep when you feel like: When you are preparing for any exams, sleeping is very important because it helps in the consolidation of memory. Caution: Only sleep when you feel like it and don’t oversleep.
  5. Make sure you are healthy: Sickness can cause excessive feelings of tiredness and fatigue and will not allow you to concentrate on reading. If you are feeling as if you are not well, report to your parent, a nurse, or a doctor. Make sure you are well.
  6. Eat when you feel like it: During the exam preparation period, you are advised not to overeat, and to avoid sleep. You need to eat little and light food whenever you feel like eating. Eat more fruits, drink milk and glucose. This will help you enhance retention.
  7. Reduce your time on social media: Some people live their entire lives on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Messenger chat. This is so bad and catastrophic if you are preparing for exams. Try and reduce your time spent on social media during this time. Maybe after the exams, you can go back and sleep in it.

If you like these tips, consider sharing them with your friends and relatives. Do you have a question or comments? Put it on the comment form below. We will be pleased to hear from you and help you score as high as

We wish you good luck!

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