Common Entrance Past Questions and Answers

Download compiled Common Entrance Past Questions and Answers here. The aim of this ebook is to aid pupils to revise thoroughly for the National Common Entrance Examination

These past questions will also be very useful to candidates preparing for Federal Government College Entrance Examination, Unity Schools, Force Colleges, Private and Public Secondary Schools. If you want to score high in the National Common Entrance exam this year, then you need to study these past questions and answers.

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Common Entrance Examination Instructions to Candidates

Time allowed: 45 minutes

1. Use HB pencil throughout

2 (a) In the space marked Name, check that your name is printed correctly

(b)  In the box marked Identification Number, check that the digits your identification number are correctly printed in the spaces on the left-hand side. There are numbered spaces in line with each of these digits. For each digit the space with the same number as the digit has been shaded. Using a pencil, reshade each of these shaded spaces.

(c)  In the box marked Sex, check that the space marked M has been shaded if you are a male, or F if you are a female. Reshade the appropriate space.

An example is given below for a male candidate whose identification number is 040032069


  1. Use HB pencil throughout
  2. Answer each question by choosing one letter and shading it like this [Al [B] [C] [E]
  3. Erase completely any answer you wish to change
  4. Leave extra space blank if the answer spaces provided are more then you need
  5. Do not make any markings across the heavy black marks at the right edge of your answer sheet.
  6. When you have chosen the answer to a question, shade the space which has the same letter as the letter of the answer you have chosen.
  7. Think carefully before you shade the answer spaces; erase completely any answers you wish to change.
  8. If you shade more than one answer space for a question you will score zero for that question.
  9. When you are told to begin, answer the questions, as quickly and carefully as you can. If you cannot answer a question, do not spend too much time on it, but try the next one.
  10. There are forty questions in the Arithmetic paper for which you are allowed 45 minutes. There are forty questions in the Quantitative Aptitude paper for which you are allowed30 minutes.
  11. Do not ask any questions once the examination has started. The Supervisor is not allowed to explain any question to you during the examination.


Sample Common Entrance Past Questions and Answers

1. A line that cuts a circle into two equal parts is called a
A. chord B. circumference
C. diameter D. radius E. segment

2. Write in figures: four thousand, seven hundred and five
A. 400705 B. 40705 C. 4750
D. 4705 E. 4075

3. The prime numbers between 50 and 60 are…….. and…………
A. 51,53 B. 51,57 C. 53,55
D. 53,57 E. 53,59

4. Change 75% to decimal.
A. 75.0 B. 7.5 C. 0.75D. 0.075E. 0.0075

5. What is the place value of 4 in 1476.25?
A. Thousandths B. Hundredths C. Tens
D. Hundreds E. Thousands

6. Find the L.C.M. of 18, 27 and 36.
A.3 B.9 C.27D. 54E.108

7. What is the product of 5.2 and 13?
A. 6.76 B. 6.5 C. 4.0D. 3.9E. 0.25.

8. What angle do the hour and minute hands of a clock form, when it is exactly 9.00p.m.?
A. 15° B. 30 C. 45°D. 60°E. 90°

9. Express 615 in Roman numerals.

10. Approximate 50,679 to the nearest hundred.
A. 50,000 B. 50,700 C. 50,760D. 50,770
E. 50,800

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