NDDC Scholarship Test Past Questions And Answers

NDDC Scholarship Test Past Questions And Answers

Are you preparing for NDDC Scholarship test for MSC and PHD? If yes, you will need this NDDC Scholarship Test Past Questions And Answers study pack to help you in preparing for the test.

The past questions comprises NDDC (Postgraduate) Scholarship Aptitude Test Past questions and answers. This past question has everything you need to prepare well for the upcoming test.

Every year, NDDC conducts aptitude test for full tuition scholarship award for students who want to study both in Nigeria and oversea insitutions. To perform well in the test,all you need is to practice using the past questions.

This past question will help you know the nature of the exam even before the real exam date. By so doing, you will know what to expect in the exam.

This study pack contains:

1. General Engineering (All Engr Courses) 2016 test
2. Technical
3. Petroleum Engineering
4. Management Science
5. Environmental Engineering
6. Geology
7. Computer Science & ICT
8. Medical Science
9. Agric Economics
10. General Practice Questions
11. Test of English Language

Nature of NDDC Scholarship Aptitude Test

1. The Total Question is usually 50 or 60 questions to be answered in 60 minutes.

2. NDDC Scholarship tests usually contains a mix of science based questions like maths, english, physics and chemistry.

3. 2016 test format was more of discipline specific tests. eg Engineering , Medical Science, ICT, etc.

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