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GST 102 Past Questions and Answers – Are you a student of any university and you are about to write GST 102 exam and you are wondering how you will write and pass the course successfully without having any carryover? If yes, we have good news for you. We bring you GST 102 Past Questions and Answers. The most interesting part of it is that you can now download and get past questions to study for your exams with ease without having to spend so much.

In the university system today, many students often fail the GST 102 exam. This is not because it is a course that is offered by almost all the students of the institution for the first and second years, but because many students do not take time to prepare for the exam.  GST 102 has kept many students in school longer than necessary because they kept failing the course repeatedly. Also, due to how broad the GST courses are and the fact that they are sometimes segmented, many students find it difficult to cover the syllabus when preparing for the examination and because of this, they sometimes miss the target.

Seeing all the difficulties facing students every year, we have decided to present to you GST 102 Past Questions and Answers to help curb the rate of failure in GST 102 exams.

GST 102 Past Questions and Answers

GST 102 Past Questions and Answers Pattern

Normally, the GST 102 Past Questions and Answers is in a multiple-choice question pattern. there is also We have made it very easy for you. we bring all the questions for many years and put them together but we indicate the specific years of their occurrence. We provide the correct answers to save you time. All you need to do is devote quality time to studying the GST 102 Past Questions and Answers and watch yourself do better in the exam.

Why You Need GST 102 Past Questions and Answers

There are several reasons why you will need to download/get this past question. But for clarity, we will explain a few. You need this past question for the following reasons;

This past question will expose you to the questions that have been asked years back as most of those questions and answers get repeated every year while some will just be rephrased. So if you don’t have a copy of this last question, then you are losing out.

  1. It, however, provides useful information about the types of questions to expect and helps you prevent unpleasant surprises.
  2. You can detect and answer repeated questions quickly and easily.
  3. You will be able to find out the number of questions you will see in the exams.

GST 102 Past Questions and Answers Sample

To know that we are giving out the original GST 102 Past Questions and Answers, we have decided to give you some free samples as proof of what we said earlier.

  1. The word philosophy was coined from two Greek words (a) Philo & Sophos (b) Philo & Sophist (c) Phila & Sopher (d)
    Philos & Sophia
  2. Philosophy strictly speaking is (a) love of wisdom (b) love of wealth (c) love of power (d) love of justice
  3. Two orientations in philosophy are (a) life & death (b) subjectivity and objectivity (c) light & darkness (d) truth &
  4. One of these is not a feature of philosophy (a) speculative (b) coherence (c) holistic (d) bitterness
  5. The expression “man” knows thyself is ascribed to which philosopher? (a) Socrates (b) Plato (c) Aristotle (d) Origin
  6. What is the major tool of philosophy? (a) education (b) critical thinking (c) wisdom (d) knowledge
  7. The study of philosophy helps us to (a) cultivate ignorance (b) enhance our social status (c) improve our reasoning ability
    (d) doubt our faith
  8. philosophy dares to question every aspect of knowledge (a) yes (b) No (c) Not always (d) Not at all
  9. The word fallacy is derived from the Latin word fallere which means (a) to question (b) to deceive (c) to announce (d)
    to listen
  10. Fallacies can be classified into kinds or categories (a)2 (b)3 (c)4 (d)5
  11. An argument is said to be fallacious when there is an IN such argument. (a) defect (b) progress (c) big word (d) to
  12. A lecturer who makes a demand of cash or kind from a student to give him/her good grade in exams commit the
    the fallacy of (a)Appeal to authority (b)Appeal to force or stick (c)Appeal to the law (d)Appeal to Logic
  13. A student who approaches a lecturer after an exam to beg for a good grade with the excuse that he had a headache while writing
    the exam commits the fallacy of (a)Argumentum ad populum (b)Argumentum ad Baculum (c)Argumentum ad
    Misericordia (d)Argumentum ad hominem
  14. If the lecturer comes to you in the examination hall and asks: Have you stopped cheating? What should be your answer?

(a)Yes (b) No (c) Yes and No (d) none of the above

  1. When a particular word is used in two different senses in an argument, the arguer is guilty of the fallacy of
    (a)weak induction (b)Equivocation (c)False cause (d)Argumentum ad ignorantiam
  2. If you buy a fake product from a trader with the strong claim that it is original, the trader commits the
    the fallacy of (a)Complex question (b)False cause (c)Suppressed evidence (d)Hasty generalization
  3. A school of thought is from which we look at reality. (a)A perspective (b)An angle (c)An opinion (d)All of the
  4. Idealism places primary on (a)Matter (b)Spirit (c)Spirit and matter (d)None of the above
  5. Which of the following is an idealist? (a)Plato (b)Rene (c)George Berkley (d)All of the above
  6. Materialism is the opposite of (a)Monism (b)Dualism (c)Idealism (d)None of the above
  7. Materialists insist that whatever exists is simply (a)Idea (b)Spirit (c)Matter (d)All of the above
  8. The father of modern rationalism is (a)Rene Descartes (b)Plato (c)St. Augustine (d)Spinoza
  9. The rationalists mistrust the (a)Senses (b)Reason (c) Reason & sense (d)None of the above
  10. Logic is the study of (a)rules of games (b) Principles & techniques of correct arguments (c)Legal implication (d)Political
  11. By arguments in Logic, we mean (a)Quarrel (b)Dispute (c)A systematized way of reasoning (d)Conflict
  12. Logic deals with all forms of thinking. True or false? (a)True (b)False (c)Both (d)None
  13. Sometimes, Logic is defined as the science of the laws of thought. True or false? (a)True (b)False (c)Both (d)None
  14. An argument is a group of propositions which stands in such a relationship that one of them is said to be
    (a)Inferior (b) Superior (c) Derived from the others (d)Contradicted by the others
  15. The premises and the conclusion of an argument together constitute what we call the argument (a)
    Constituency (b) Compliments (c) Structure (d) Opposition
  16. The savior was sent to come and die for man’s sins. Those who betrayed him facilitated his mission. Therefore, they did
    well, and should be praised (a)Sound (b)Indeterminate (c)Both (d)Not sound.
  17. The savior was sent, not to come and die but to show mankind the way to salvation. Those who betray him facilitate his
    mission. Therefore, they sinned by that act, and should be blamed for it, (a)Sound (b)Indeterminate (c)Both (d)Not sound.
  18. One of the following is not an attribute of philosophy (a)rationality (b)Critical analysis (c)Reflection (d)Dogmatism
  19. The first theoretical discipline that raises fundamental questions about nature and human existence is
    (a)Mythology (b)Religion (c)Philosophy (d)Sociology
  20. The highest academic certificate awarded to any intellectual discipline is (a)Doctor of Philosophy (b)Doctor of Medicine
    (c)Professor (d)Doctor of Mathematics.
  21. Philosophy is the mother of all disciples, the queen and king of all science, and the foundation and apex of all knowledge
    (a)True (b)False (c)Not sure (d)only option
  22. Philosophy came into existence as a result of (a)Religion and science (b)Truth and validity (c)Curiosity and wonder
    (d)Power and fame.
  23. The first foundational question of philosophy is (a)How is it? (b)How far? (c)What is? (d)What is, what is?
  24. Member of the Ionian school of thought includes (a)Socrates, Plato& Aristotle (b)Pythagoras, Parmenides & Heraclitus
    (c)Thales, Anaximander & Anaximenes (d)None of the above
  25. The universally acceptable definition of philosophy is (a)Love of wisdom (b)Knowledge of power (c)Being in reality
    (d)None above.
  26. One of the greatest impediments to African philosophy was (a) Witchcraft (b) Colonialism (c) unbelief (d)
    natural disaster
  27. Which of these truly defines African philosophy (a)religious pluralism (b)African doctrines or theories on reality and the
    universe (c)cult personality (d)Puritanism
  28. The African being places much premium on (a)The spiritual (b)truth (c)heaven (d)hell
  29. One of these is an African philosopher (a)John Rawls (b)Kwasi Wiredu (c)John Locke (d)Thomas Hobbes
  30. One of the cornerstones of African philosophy is (a)individualism (b)incest (c)communalism (d)egoism
  31. Which branch of philosophy studies the moral aspect of human life? (a)Logic (b)Ethics (c)Metaphysics (d)Aesthetics
  32. Utilitarianism as an ethical system is usually associated with that ethical philosophy. (a)J.S Mill (b)Thomas Hobbes
    (c)Jeremy Bentham (d)John Locke
  33. What is the main teaching of utilitarianism? (a)Spiritual uprightness (b)selfishness (c)indifference (d)greatest good of
    the greatest number
  34. The doctrine of the “golden mean” is attributed to which philosopher? (a)Plato (b)Thales (c)Descartes (d)Democritus
  35. Another name for ethics is (a)moral philosophy (b)euthanasia (c)golden rule (d)goodness
  36. Which of the following is not an ethical problem? (a)corruption (b)cultism (c)examination malpractice (d)flood disaster

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7 Tips to Prepare for GST 102 Exams

  1. Don’t make reading your hobby: A lot of people put reading as a hobby in their CV, they might be right because they have finished schooling. But “You” are still schooling, so reading should be a top priority, not a hobby. Read far and wide to enhance your level of aptitude
  2. Get Exams Preparation Materials: These involve textbooks, dictionaries, Babcock University Post UTME Past Questions and Answers, mock questions, and others. These materials will enhance your mastery of the scope of the exams you are expecting.
  3. Attend Extramural Classes: Register and attend extramural classes at your location. This class will help you refresh your memory and boost your classroom understanding and discoveries of new knowledge.
  4. Sleep when you feel like: When you are preparing for any exams, sleeping is very important because it helps in the consolidation of memory. Caution: Only sleep when you feel like it and don’t oversleep.
  5. Make sure you are healthy: Sickness can cause excessive feelings of tiredness and fatigue and will not allow you to concentrate on reading. If you are feeling as if you are not well, report to your parent, a nurse, or a doctor. Make sure you are well.
  6. Eat when you feel like it: During the exam preparation period, you are advised not to overeat, and to avoid sleep. You need to eat little and light food whenever you feel like eating. Eat more fruits, drink milk and glucose. This will help you enhance retention.
  7. Reduce your time on social media: Some people live their entire lives on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Messenger chat. This is so bad and catastrophic if you are preparing for exams. Try and reduce your time spent on social media during this time. Maybe after the exams, you can go back and sleep in it.

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