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Choose the correct option to fill the blank spaces

  1. The guest………..breakfast by the time the bus arrives.  a. shall have finished b. have finished  c. had finished    d. are finishing
  2. You can go on…………………….what you are saying.   a. will be understanding b. an understanding  c. understanding   d. waste understanding
  3. When he was knocked on the head, he fall……………to the ground.  a. fainted b. unconscious c. collapsed     d. noisily
  4. It so…………..hard that all the cares have stopped moving. a. will rain b. rained c. rain d. rains.
  5. The principal will be going away on leave, in his absence the vice-principal will………..the school. a. overlook b. take over c. look after d. care for

Choose the word that is nearly composite in meaning to the underlined word.

  1. The able-bodies should take care of the……………   a. feeble b. weak-minded c. suffering d. softhearted
  2. The chairman ordered him either to withdrew or to……his allegations. a. affirm b. drew c. express d. complete
  3. He shows plenty of goodwill to his neighbours, but they bear nothing except………….towards him a. bad luck b. malice c. anger d. unhappiness
  4. I supported you said but I……….the way you said it a. argued about b. objected to c. interfered with d. investigated
  5. Though many of us were poor quite a few were……….. a. arrogant b. prodigal c. a affluent d. luxurious



  1. A fair coin is tossed ten times. What is the probability of getting two heads? a.     b.       c.     d.
  2. ………

Not COMPLETE!!!      Not COMPLETE!!!      Not COMPLETE!!!

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