JAMB CBT Software 2024 free download + full activation

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Are you writing UTME this year? If yes, download the updated version of our JAMB CBT Software 2024, We offer free download into your Android phones or computer. After downloading, you will need to purchase the full activation code to make the software work for you.

What is JAMB CBT Software 2024?

This is software that contains all JAMB past questions from 1978 to date with detailed answers. This software works with your Android phone and personal computer (PC).

If you have a computer, you have to download jamb cbt practice software for pc. We have jamb cbt practice app for pc that you can use to practice for this year’s JAMB. Otherwise, if you have an android phone, you need to download jamb cbt app for android.

How to Install JAMB CBT Software in your Computer

1. Identify and click on “setup.exe”.
2. Allow the program to run.
3. This step is to install Microsoft.Net Framework 4.
It will only show if your computer does not have it installed. Click on “Accept” button.
If your computer already has it installed, skip to 8.
4. Wait for Microsoft .Net Framework 4 to install.
5. Click on “Next” button.
6. At this stage, Microsoft.Net Framework 4 is installed.
Some computers may ask to be restarted to allow the changes take effect.
Please click on “Restart” if your computer prompts you to.
7. Read the License Agreement.
8. Select the “Agree” option if you do agree with the agreement.
9. Click on “Next” button to continue the installation process.
10. Click on “Next” button.
11. Wait for it to be installed.
12. After completing the installation, click on “Close” button.
13. Go to your deskstop and click on the icon to launch the software.
14. Click on the “Activate” button and follow the remaining instructions.

You will need to activation key for the software to work for you. See how to get it below;

Price: N3000

How to Get jamb Cbt software activation key

Our JAMB practice software contains over 30,000 questions and answers in all subjects. The cost of this year’s jamb cbt software activation key is N3,000 only.

To get the activation code, simply follow the procedure below.

Step 1: Download JAMB CBT software here >> Chat on WhatsApp 08026529647 to get the download link for the latest version.

Step 2: Install the software into your phone or computer

Step 3: Pay N3,000

Step 4: Send the product code to us

Step 5: We will send you the activation code

Enjoy using your jamb cbt software.

JAMB CBT Software 2019 free download + full activation

How to Get the jamb cbt app crack

jamb cbt app crack is a cracked version of the cbt software. The truth is that this version is not available; you have to buy the authentic activation code from us for it to work. After activation, you will have access to all the questions and answers in the software after you crack it. But first you have to download the jamb cbt software onto your computer. You can also get the Android app version. After that, you can chat us on WhatsApp: 08026529647 to get the activation code to open the software.

Benefits of Getting this software

This practice software contains all the jamb past questions from 1978 to date. It also has detailed answers to help you prepare. The CBT practice app interface looks like the main JAMB exam interface. This means that candidates who practice with this software will have a better chance during the main exam.

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