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1. Which Question Paper Type of Literature in English is given to you?
A. Type F. B. Type E. C. Type L. D. Type S.

Questions 2 to 5 are based on Femi Osofisan’s
Women of Owu.

2. In the play, the gods are portrayed
A. saviours of mankind. B. helpless.
C. architects of man’s destiny. D. amorous.

3. Orisaye describes Balogun Kusa as
A. a good leader. B. a great warrior.
C. an enemy and a butcher. D. a friend in need.

4. Erelu is
A. the first wife of the Oba.
B. the oldest wife of the Oba Akinjobi.
C. a courtier to the Alaafin of Oyo.
D. the most brilliant woman in Owu.

5. Balogun Kusa is killed by a
A. soldier. B. god C. herbalist. D. lunatic.

Questions 6 to 10 are based on William
Shakespeare’s The Tempest.

6. In the play, Ariel is identified as
A. assistant to Sycorax.
B. leader to the spirit
C. Prospero’s daughter.
D. Alonso’s wife.

7. Before the shipwreck that occurs at the beginning of the play, Prospero and his daughter have lived in the island for
A. eighteen months. B. two decades.
C. twelve years. D. forty days.

8. Caliban’s intention to rape Miranda is born out of the desire to
A. marry her.
B. destroy the Island.
C. compete with Ferdinand.
D. populate the Island with Calibans.

9. The character associated with savagery in the play is
A. Ferdinand. B. Ariel. C. Stephano. D. Caliban.

10. Prospero is portrayed as a man who is
A. eager to conquer the world.
B. full of mistrust for everybody.
C. more interested in studying than in governance.
D. dependent on the spirits for his survival.

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