Nigeria Navy Past Question on Mathematics

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Nigeria Navy Past Question on Mathematics – Nigeria Navy Past Questions on Mathematics is an indispensable resource for individuals aspiring to join the esteemed Nigerian Navy. This collection is meticulously designed to help candidates prepare effectively for the Navy recruitment exams, particularly the mathematics section. The material follows a structured pattern, covering a wide spectrum of mathematical topics, including algebra, geometry, calculus, and more. These questions are carefully curated to align with the specific requirements and standards of the Nigerian Navy exams. What makes these past questions invaluable is the inclusion of detailed answers and explanations, enabling candidates to grasp mathematical concepts, problem-solving techniques, and exam patterns. By studying and practicing with these past questions, aspiring Navy personnel can bolster their mathematical skills, enhance their chances of passing the Navy recruitment exams, and embark on a rewarding career serving their nation.

Nigeria Navy Past Question on Mathematics

Why you need Nigeria Navy Past Question on Mathematics

It is usually helpful to prepare for exams with past questions. Past questions are helpful tools for preparing for examinations as they provide you with practical insight into how the examination body sets its exams, how the exam you are preparing for might look as well as key themes or subject areas likely to be touched.

To score high in any examination, be it a screening exam, and so on, you need to prepare adequately. This is why prospective JAMB and other exam candidates need to use past questions to prepare. Here, you will find past questions. You can revise them to find out what you already know and what you don’t know.

Nigeria Navy Past Question on Mathematics Patterned

The exams are always patterned in objectives format and it is usually cbt. We bring all the questions for many years and put them together but we indicate the specific years of their occurrence. The questions are usually objectives only with no theory irrespective of the course of study or subject combination. We provide the correct answers to save you time.
The NN Entrance Examination is divided into two 2 parts, Paper 1 and Paper 2

Sample of Nigeria Navy Past Question on Mathematics

5. An officer is twice as old as his son. In five years, the sum of their ages will be 85 years. What is the officer’s age now?
A. 20 years
B. 42.5 years
C. 45 years
D. 50 years
E. 55 years

6. A square of sides 7cm, a Rectangle of sides 8 and 6cm, and a circle of radius diameter 7cm are placed side by side.
Which of these objects has the largest area
A. Rectangle
B. Circle
C. All
D. Square
E. None, the areas are equal

7. The value of a boat depreciates by 10% at the end of each year. If the boat costs $2 million now. What will be its value in naira after two years? (Take $1 = N 150)
A. N 270m
B. N 240m
C. N 300m
D. N 243m
E. N 280m

8. An item is marked N10,000 VAT inclusive. If the VAT rate is 5%, how much will the buyer pay and how much VAT will the Government receive on this sale?
A. N 10,500 and N500
B. N 10 and N 5
C. N 9,500 and N 500
D. N 10.000 and N5
E. N10.000 and N 500

9. A settee is advertised as N9,000 plus VAT. If VAT is 5%. How much will a buyer pay
A. N9,500
B. N9,450
C. N8,550
D. N9,005
E. N9,000

10. What amount of tax does he pay per month?
A. N12,000
B. N18,000
C. N10,000
D. N180,000
E. N15,000

11. What is the young officer’s take home per month?
A. N195,000
B. N180,000
C. N175,500
D. N185,000
E. N200,000

12. If the young officer makes a compulsory mortgage contribution of 20% of his take-home salary.
How much is left of his salary?
A. N160,000
B. 156,000
C. 150,000
D. N144,000
E. 200,000

16. If numbers can be written with a tolerance of 0.5, what is the range of values for the sum of 10 and 11?
A. 20 – 22
B. 20 – 21
C. 21
D. 21-22

17. A chart that represents the totality of data using a circle is called a _______
A. Pie chart
B. Histogram
C. Circular Chart
D. Bar chart
E. Pictogram

18. If an Equilateral Triangle of sides 7cm is placed on a square of sides 7cm. what is the perimeter of the composite shape?
A. 21cm
B. 14cm
C. 49cm
D. 35cm E. 28cm

19. What is the simple interest on N15,000 for 5 years at 10% per annum?
A. N150,000
B. N5,000
C. N10, 000
D. N7,500
E. N15,000

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7 Tips to Prepare for Nigeria Navy Exams

  1. Don’t make reading your hobby: A lot of people put reading as a hobby in their CV, they might be right because they have finished schooling. But “You” are still schooling, so reading should be a top priority and not a hobby. Read far and wide to enhance your level of aptitude
  2. Get Exams Preparation Materials: These involve textbooks, dictionaries, Babcock University Post UTME Past Questions and Answers, mock questions, and others. These materials will enhance your mastery of the scope of the exams you are expecting.
  3. Attend Extramural Classes: Register and attend extramural classes at your location. This class will help you refresh your memory and boost your classroom understanding and discoveries of new knowledge.
  4. Sleep when you feel like: When you are preparing for any exams, sleeping is very important because it helps in the consolidation of memory. Caution: Only sleep when you feel like it and don’t oversleep.
  5. Make sure you are healthy: Sickness can cause excessive feelings of tiredness and fatigue and will not allow you to concentrate on reading. If you are feeling as if you are not well, report to your parent, a nurse, or a doctor. Make sure you are well.
  6. Eat when you feel like it: During the exam preparation period, you are advised not to overeat, and to avoid sleep. You need to eat little and light food whenever you feel like eating. Eat more fruits, drink milk and glucose. This will help you enhance retention.
  7. Reduce your time on social media: Some people live their entire lives on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Messenger chat. This is so bad and catastrophic if you are preparing for exams. Try and reduce your time spent on social media during this time. Maybe after the exams, you can go back and sleep in it.

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