Top Ten Tips to Pass JAMB

Are you writing JAMB CBT this year? If yes, red the almighty top ten tips to pass jamb without stress.

It might interest you to know that so many students fail jamb every year. The situation got worse when JAMB management introduced computer based test in 2013 JAMB UTME.

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Failure in JAMB has caused so many prospective candidates to stay at home for many years without getting admission into their institution of choice. For the purpose of help, I have compiled the top ten tips to pass jamb once and for all.

Before I start, you need to know what a low jamb score is. What is a low JAMB score?  For me, having a lowing jamb score means that the candidates does not score upto the expected cut off mark needed by their institution of choice.

If you check the JAMB cut off mark for various institutions, you will discover that many universities do not accept anything lower than 180. See JAMB Cut Off Mark for All School.

Very few universities accepts 150, while polytechnics and colleges of education cut off mark remains at 150 for now.

So, if you have above the needed cut off mark, you are save. But if you score higher than the cut off mark, it means that you have passed jamb.

There are many tips you can adopt to pass JAMB. I have compiled the top ten tips to pass jamb and it will surely help you.

Top Ten Tips to Pass Jamb

(1) Learn Computer:

One of the best advise I can tell you is to go and learn computer if you are writing jamb this year. The reason is obvious. This year’s JAMB will be on computer. Everyone will write it on computer. So, if you don’t know how to use computer, visit any computer training center to learn it now.

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(2) Buy and Read JAMB Past Question:

I always said that there are no new questions again. All the JAMB questions are repeated questions from previous years jamb exam. So, if you want to pass jamb, do yourself good to buy and read jamb past questions. You can buy it from any local bookshop or you can download our free jamb past questions here. We have complete JAMB past questions you can buy and use on your computer or print it out. It’s only NGN500 per subject and NGN1500 only for four subjects including Use of English. We also have frequently repeated jamb past questions you can buy at NGN1,500 only. Call or chat me if you need any of this here 08026529647. This is a sure banker if you want to score like 280 in this years jamb.

(3) Attend JAMB Lessons:

JAMB Lessons is one of the best tool I recommend to my candidates. If you want to pass jamb this year, attend an extra-mural class. Find a reputable JAMB lesson center nearest to you and attend. If you are in Uyo, call me, I will recommend a good jamb centre for you.

(4) Buy the Recommended Textbooks:

If you check the JAMB Syllabus, you will see the recommended textbooks for all subjects. So, do yourself good to buy those books and read them accordingly. Practice the textbooks with past questions to know the nature of the exam.

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(5) Study Use of English Very Well:

You know that use of English is a compulsory subject for all jamb candidates. So, learn it very well, especially the lexis and structure section. See the 500+ Possible Antonyms that may Come Out in JAMB CBT or Post UTME Exam . It will surely help you.

(6) Know your JAMB CBT Exam Date, Time and Venue

Many candidates miss their exam because of simple negligence. The don’t know their exam date, venue or time. Some might arrive at the venue of the exam very late. All this will lead to failure or low jamb score.

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Sometime, there may be alteration in JAMB CBT schedule without the knowledge of the candidate. So make sure, you reprint your JAMB slip a week to the expected date so as to spot any potential change.

(7) Don’t Be Afraid 

Fear is the number one cause of failure. So, learn how to boost your confidence before the exam. Without fear, you can pass jamb with ease.

(8) Obey Instructions in Exam Hall:


Instructions in the examination hall is an examination itself. Failure to obey the instruction is failure to pass the examination. Simple! Do exactly what you are told to do and avoid doing what you are not told to do.

(9) JAMB Runs & Malpractice:

If you bring with you anything like expo into the exam hall, this can lead to your failure. Expo cannot help you to pass examinations, instead your God given brain. If you are caught, your paper will be squeezed immediately.


(1) Lateness to the Examination Venue:

This is very important. If you turn up to the venue later that 30 minute to the commencement of the examination, it means that you have failed already. So, its good to go to the venue about 30 minute to the start of the exam.

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