University of Ibadan postgraduate past questions free pdf

Download University of Ibadan postgraduate past questions pdf for free here. UI Post Graduate Entrance past questions is brought to you by, the largest past question database in Nigeria.

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University of Ibadan postgraduate past questions free pdf

This UI Postgraduate past questions is very useful for candidate applied or planning to apply for UI Post Graduate admission. The past question will go a long way to helping candidates know the nature of the exam before the real entrance exam day.

Foreword 3
Syllabus 5
General Information 6
Waivers 7
Section A: Parallelism 8
Section B: Discourse Reference
Section C: Stylistic Variation
Section D: Concord 21
Section E: Mechanics 25
Section F: Vocabulary Choices, Collocations
Sense Relations and Tenses
Recommended Reading: 33
Answers: 3

Nature of UI Postgraduate Past Questions – Sample Questions

is a text specially prepared for applicants to the different Master degree programmes of the University of Ibadan. It is meant to intimate them with the level of English to be considered in examining them for qualification for admission or interactive sessions/entrance examinations leading to final admission. Thus, the text represents the nature of the questions to be asked in the examination.

The test, as shown in the samples in this publication, will cover aspects of English grammar, vocabulary choices (for general and professional purposes) and  cceptable style of writing. This design has been informed by the extremely low level of English language competence observed among our graduate students, a

number of whom could not construct the simplest intelligible sentence of English after completing their programmes. If this happens at the University of Ibadan in spite of the rigorous and intensive programmes that we run, then it should be worse in most other universities. Given that all universities source students from

the same public pool, it is not exaggerative to say that the Nigerian university system may fail to achieve its goals if this situation is not remedied.

Against the above background, the University of Ibadan has decided to sort out the issue of linguistic expressivity right from the entry point into the university’s hi

gher degree programmes. In other words, it is only those who could communicate effectively in English at the level required of a graduate student that WILL be considered for admission processing.

It should be understood that the test is not with the intention to deliberately and uncritically weed off candidates. Rather, it is

designed to improve the quality of our graduates and brighten their chances in society. Hence, the sample questions, with their answers, in this text, are to assist them to understand what is expected of them in the examination. The syllabus is provided for them to be informed about the extent of the preparation they have to make.

Applicants may consult the recommended texts and other standard books that adequately treat the topics listed in the syllabus.

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