WAEC Past Questions and Answers on Chemistry

English Past Question 2021

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WAEC Past Questions and Answers on Chemistry

Why You Need WAEC Past Questions and Answers on Chemistry

In case you are doubting the efficacy of this past question, this aspect is meant to enlighten you on what you will benefit from getting this past question. See benefits here

  • It will expose you to the questions that have been asked years back as most of those questions and answers get repeated every year while some will just be rephrased. So if you don’t have a copy of this past question, then you are losing out.
  • It provides useful information about the types of questions to expect and helps you prevent unpleasant surprises.

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WAEC Past Questions and Answers on Chemistry Sample

In other to know that we are giving out the original WAEC Chemistry Past Questions and Answers, we have decided to give you some free samples as proof of what we said earlier.

  1. Isotopes of the same element have the same number of
  2. Protons, neutrons, and electrons.
    B. Protons and neutrons but a different number of electrons.
    C. Protons and electrons but different numbers of neutrons.
    D. Neutrons and electrons but a different number of protons.
  3. Which type of chemical bond is formed by the transfer of electrons?
    A. Covalent
    B. Dative
    C. Ionic
    D. Metallic
  4. The concentration of an aqueous solution is 5mg dm-3. Determine the concentration in parts per million (ppm).
    A. 500 ppm
    B. 50 ppm
    C. 10 ppm
    D. 5 ppm
  5. Consider the following species: H, H+, H-. What is the number of electrons in each of the species respectively?
    A. 1, 0, 2
    B. 0, 1, 2
    C. 2, 1, 0
    D. 1, 2, 0
  6. Two electrons can occupy the same orbital if they have different
    A. Angular momentum quantum numbers.
    B. Magnetic quantum numbers.
    C. Principal quantum numbers.
    D. Spin quantum numbers.
  7. What mass of NaOH is required to make 250 cm3 of 0.10mol/dm-3 solution? [Na = 23, O = 16, H = 1]
    A. 1 g
    B. 4 g
    C. 8 g
    D. 16 g
  8. Which of the following substances is not a hydrocarbon?
    A. Benzene
    B. Butane
    C. Ethyne
    D. Ethanamide
  9. A substance which ionizes completely into hydroxonium ions is a
    A. Strong acid.
    B. Strong base.
    C. Weak acid.
    D. Weak base.
  10. Which of the following solutions can resist changes in pH when small amounts of an acid or a base are added?
    A. Buffer solution
    B. Neutral solution
    C. Saturated solution
    D. Supersaturated solution
  11. Protein is a polymer formed from the linkage of
    A. Amino acid molecules.
    B. Fatty acid molecules.
    C. Glucose units.
    D. Monosaccharides.
  12. The bond formed between H2OH2Oand H+H+to form the hydroxonium H3O+H3O+ is
  13. A) Dative
  14. B) Covalent
  15. C) Electrovalent
  16. D) Ionic
  17. The minimum amount of energy required for effective collisions between reacting particles is known as
  18. A) Activation of energy
  19. B) Bond energy
  20. C) Kinetic energy
  21. D) Potential energy


  1. An element forms the following oxides X2O, XOX2O,  and XO2.XO2. This phenomenon illustrates the law of ________
  2. A) Conservation of mass
  3. B) Definite proportion
  4. C) Mass action
  5. D) Multiple proportions


  1. How many moles of oxygen would contain 1.204×10241.204×1024molecules?
    NB: Avogadro’s constant (NA) =6.02×1023=6.02×1023
  2. A) 1
  3. B) 2
  4. C) 3
  5. D) 4


  1. Which of the following statements about solids is correct?
  2. A) Solid particles are less orderly than those of a liquid
  3. B) Solids have lower densities than liquids
  4. C) Solid particles have greater kinetic energies than those of liquids
  5. D) Solid particles cannot be easily compressed


  1. Which of the following apparatus can be used to measure a specific volume of a liquid accurately?
  2. A) Beaker
  3. B) Conical flask
  4. C) Measuring cylinder
  5. D) Pipette


  1. The general gas equation PVT=KPVT=Kis a combination of
  2. A) Boyle’s and Charles’ laws
  3. B) Boyle’s and Graham’s laws
  4. C) Charles’ and Graham’s laws
  5. D) Dalton’s and Graham’s laws


  1. The spreading of the scent of a flower in a garden is an example of ______
  2. A) Brownian motion
  3. B) Diffusion
  4. C) Osmosis
  5. D) Tyndal effect


  1. Propane and carbon (IV) oxide diffuse at the same rate because [H = 1.00, C = 12.0, O = 16.0]
  2. A) They are both gases
  3. B) Their molecules contain carbon
  4. C) They have the same relative molecular mass
  5. D) Both are denser than air


  1. The energy that accompanies the addition of an electron to an isolated gaseous atom is
  2. A) Atomization
  3. B) Electronegativity
  4. C) Electron affinity
  5. D) Ionization

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7 Tips to Prepare for WAEC Chemistry Exams

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