EKSU predegree past question and answers

Information reaching us has it that the EBSU predegree admission form is now out. Candidates can now practice the available EKSU predegree past question and answers on this website. We are myPastQuestion.com and we are the largest past question database.

Sample EKSU predegree past question and answers

EKSU predegree past question and answers

INSTRUCTION: Candidates for English language must attempt questions on English language, literature and any other two subjects. On the whole, four sections are to be attempted. All Answers must provided on the OMR sheet.

Choose the word or expression which best completes each sentence

  1. Angela………..me before returning to school A. will have visited B. must have       visited   C. ought to have visited    D. has to visit
  2. They………… receive visitors at short notice A. use to B. are used to C. used to
  3. are always
  4. If he were to apologizes I will properly forgive him  A. I shall not forgive him       even he apologizes B. he is likely to be apologizes and be forgiven  C. I shall            definitely forgive him if he apologizes  D. If he apologize., I shall decide     whether to forgive him
  5. He dashed out and within…………..He came back.  A. a twinkle of an eye
  6. twinkling of an eye   C. a close of the eye   D. a twinkling of an eye
  7. Candidates who are not accustomed to……… Fast will fine it difficult to finish this paper   A. write      B. writing     C. having written   D. haven written


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