Don’t Burn Your Old Past Questions, Sell them to Us

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Why keep your past questions at home when you can make money from them. Bring them out and we will pay you in Naira.

So many people have various past questions at home. Some even burn them as waste papers.

Please! Please!! Please!!! Don’t burn them, don’t throw them into dust bin. Sell them to us.

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Don't Burn Your Old Past Questions, Sell them to Us

Types of Past Questions we Buy

  1. Admission entrance past questions – (any school – A’Level, IJMB, Diploma, NCE, Degree, Post-Graduates, )
  2. Departmental exam past questions for higher institutions (universities, polytechnics and colleges)
  3. Scholarship past questions
  4. Job interview past questions
  5. Promotion interview past questions
  6. Professional exams past questions
  7. Any other past question… We buy all of them (Both Essay and MCQ)

That’s it.

It’s far better make money from those past questions instead of throwing them away.

That past questions may be useful to other people who want to write the exam exam.

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