2024 jamb cbt practice software free activation code

Welcome to official jamb cbt practice software free activation code website. When you download the jamb cbt software, you will need the activation code to make it work on your phone or computer.

The activation code is a random number generated by a computer when you supply your product key. On this website, we will send you jamb cbt practice software free activation code that you can use it on your system.


Once you activate your software, you will see a functional cbt exam interface. This looks like the main jamb exam. If you practice the questions on the cbt app, there is high chance that you will score very high in the coming jamb exam.

There is no other website to get jamb cbt software free activation code after from myPastQuestion.com cbt. We have get higher score activation code as well as test driller activation key.

How to Get the jamb cbt app crack

jamb cbt app crack is a cracked version of the cbt software. The truth is that this version is not available anymore; you have to buy the authentic activation code from us for it to work. After activation, you will have access to all the questions and answers in the software after you crack it. But first you have to download the jamb cbt software onto your computer. You can also get the Android app version. After that, you can chat us on WhatsApp: 08026529647 to get the activation code to open the software.

Benefits of Getting this software

This practice software contains all the jamb past questions from 1978 to date. It also has detailed answers to help you prepare. The CBT practice app interface looks like the main JAMB exam interface. This means that candidates who practice with this software will have a better chance during the main exam.

How to get jamb cbt practice software free activation code

Step 1: Download JAMB CBT software here >> Chat on WhatsApp 08026529647 to get the download link for the latest version.

Step 2: Install the software into your phone or computer

Step 3: Pay N3,000

Step 4: Send the product code to us

Step 5: We will send you the activation code

Enjoy using your jamb cbt software.

Note: You need an Android phone to use the jamb cbt app while you need a computer to install the software.

With this practice software, you will know how jamb exam will look like especially for those who are writing the exam for the first time.

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