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Question 1 to 3 are based on Abubakar Gimba’s Witnesses to Tears.

1. In the novel, Al-Amin’s initial reservations about his daughter’s engagement to Lahac are informed by
A. a premonition of his death
B. ahab’s doubtful morality
C. Hussainas immaturity
D. his fear of loneliness.

2. The witnesses to the tears in the novel are
A. Saahir and Lahab B. Lahab and Hussaina
C. Lahab and Sagiir D. Al-Amin and Hussaina.

3. The novel is largely set in
A. Futa Torn B. Sabonville city
C. Alligator city D. Nuclear city.

Questions 4 to 7 are based on George Orwell’s Animal Farm.
4. Old Major ends his speech to the animals with a song in order to
A. spur them to action B. entertain them
C. display his ability to sing
D. teach them how to sing an anthem.

5. The execution of some of the animals on the orders of Napoleon is to
A. prevent Snowball from coming back to the farm B. make the pigs constitute themselves into a
special class
C. achieve the pigs’ socialist goals without further
D. pave way for Napoleon to become an absolute

6. The message of the novel is that
A. capitalism is as bad as communism
B. humanism is better than animalism
C. communism is better than capitalism
D. no society exists where everyone is equal.

7. After the expulsion of Snowball from the farm, the triumvirate that ran the farm was composed of
A. Minimus, Napoleon and Squealer
B. Jessie, Napoleon and Bluebell
C. Boxer, Old Major and Napoleon
D. Squealer, Boxer and Napoleon.

Questions 8 to 10 are based on S. I. Osammor’s The Triumph of the Water Lily.
8. The dominant impression of the first person narrative in the novel gives it
A. an omniscient character
B. an epistolary character
C. biographical character
D. an autobiographical character.
9. The persona of the novel sees death as a welcome event provided one
A. has loved and cared for one’s spouse
B. has left behind children to be remembered by
C. has fulfilled one’s destiny on earth
D. will haunt the living for the past offences

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