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QUESTIONS 1 TO 10 ARE BASED ON Literary Appreciation.

1. ‘Jibunoh was simply a difficult man. He was hated by all his neighbours and deserted by his relations. He was the first and only person to beat a policeman in the entire village. He also had ten cases instituted against him for either stealing or violating the rights of others. He had no regard for decency or normal conduct. No lover of peace or order could be his friend. It is not surprising that his death elicited jubilation rather than morning.’ The passage above reveals that Jibunoh symbolises
A. wickedness B. insanity
C. lawlessness D. isolation

2. ‘Loveliest of trees, the cherry now is hung with bloom along the bough and stands about the woodland ride Wearing white for Easteride.’
A.E. Housman, Loveliest of Trees, Cherry Tress. In the excerpt above the subject matter is
A. love of trees B. cherry bloom
C. snow at easter D. woodland tide

3. ‘As virtuous men pass midly away,
and whisper to their souls, to go,
Whilst some of their sad friends do say
“The breath goes now”, and some say “No”
The tone of this poem is generally
A. appreciative B. serious
C. imaginative D. conversational

Use the passage below to answer questions 4 and 5.
‘I am informed the day recycles itself today
When I slept in the Lord in February
I blame no one for an untimely death
I bless God for a noble departure His words
The Lord taketh the righteous away before evil days

4. The persons in the poem appears happy to have died
A. a noble death B. during the day
C. at an old age C. an untimely death

5. The lines above express
A. anniversary B. procreation
C. incarnation C. resurrection

6. If God is the sole author of man’s life and all that befall him on earth does it not stand the reason that all evils that befall man are God sa………………..
If man generally turns to God to bail him out of evil or bad occurrences, is one wrong than to concluded that He allows evils to befall man to bring him back to Him?
The literary style used in the passage above is
A. discursive B. rhetorical
C. accusative D. interrogative

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