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1. Which Question Paper Type of Literature in English is given to you?
A. Type A. B. Type B.
C. Type C. D. Type D.

Questions 2 to 5 are based on J.C. De Graft’s Sons and Daughters.

2. From it’s resolution of conflicts, the play can be described as a
A. tragedy B. farce
C. melodrama D. comedy.

3. The prevailing theme of the play is
A. love B. social decadence
C. self-will D. affluence.

4. The final harassment of Maanan takes place in
A. Ofosu’s office B. Lawyer B’s chamber
C. Ofosu’s house D. Lawyer B’s house.

5. ‘Everything in this room outrages my sense of beauty undermines my will to create pictures of lasting appeal…
The speaker in the quotation above is
A. happy B. excited C. tired D. frustrated.

Questions 6 to 10 are based on William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet
6. ‘Farewell. – God knows when we shall meet again, I have a faint cold fear thrills through my veins, That almost freezes up the heat of life. I’ll call them back again to comfort me. Nurse! – What should she do here? My dismal scene I needs must act alone. Come, vial’.
The intention of the speaker above is to
A. commit suicide B. commit murder
C. escape from harsh realities of life
D. take a temporary harmful substance.

7. The play reaches the point of denouement
A. at the family feast
B. at the reconciliation of the feuding families
C. when Romeo is informed of Juliet’s death
D. when Romeo kills Paris at the tomb.

8. The news of Juliet’s death is broken to Romeo in Mantua by
A. Balthasar B. Boy
C. Friar John D. Friar Lawrence.

9. In the play, Mercutio can be described as
A. fraudulent B. gentle
C. kind-hearted D. quarrelsome.

10. The plot of the play is
A. simple B. convoluted
C. chronological D. complicated

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