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1. What is the level of organization of h onion bulb?
A. Tissue B. Organ C. Systemic D. Organismal

2. A characteristic exhibited by all living organisms is
A. sexual reproduction B. aerobic respiration
C. the ability to move from one place to another
D. the ability to remove unwanted substances.

3. In a cell, the genes are carried by
A. nuclear membranes B. chromatin threads
C. lysosomes D. mitochondria

4. Alternation of asexual modes of reproduction is found in
A. blue-green algae B. Euglena C. fern
D. maize

5. The first terrestrial vertebrates evolved from
A. Pisces B. Reptilia C. Amphibia
D. Mammalia

6. In plants, the structures that play roles similar to the arteries and veins of animals are the
A. xylem and phloem B. root hairs and xylem
C. lenticels and phloem D. roots and stems

7. A blue-green alga is not a protophyte because
A. it is aquatic B. its cells are prokaryotic
C. it cannot move D. it is not a green plant

Use the diagram below to answer questions 8 and 9.

8. The structure labelled X is for
A. attachment B. feeding C. seeing
D. breathing

9. The habitat of the organism is
A. slow moving streams and marshes
B. the stomach of large mammals
C. under leaf litter on forest floor
D. the small intestine of large vertebrates.

10. The feature that makes locomotion in water easy for fish is the
A. scaly body B. slimy body
C. streamlined body D. lateral line.

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