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1. In terms of the number of individuals, which of the following taxa is most inclusive?
A. Order B. Family C. Class D. Species.

2. A characteristic that can possibly be shared by both living and non-living organisms is
A. locomotion B. irritability
C. increase in biomass D. increase in size.

3. The cell of an onion bulb can be differentiated from a check cell by the presence of
A. plasmalemma B. chloroplast C. cell wall
D. nucleus

Use the diagram below to answer questions 4 and 5

4. Which of the organisms is characterised by the possession of a chitinous exoskeleton?
A. I B. II C. Ill D. IV

5. The type of reproduction illustrated in IV is
A. sexual B. conjugation C. binary fission
D. budding

6. In plants, the structure that performs a similar function with the testis in mammals is the
A. stigma B. filament C. anther D. receptacle.

7. The bacteria type that are arranged in chains are the.
A. Staphylococci B. Clostridia C. Streptococci
D. Bacilli

8. The most abundant group of organisms in the animal kingdom is
A. Mammalia B. Ayes C. Annelida D. Insecta

9. Radial symmetry is a feature common to the
A. platyhelminthes B. nematodes
C. coelenterates D. arthropods

10. Which of the following is used mainly for balancing in fish?
A. The caudal fin B. The pectoral fin
C. The anal fin D. The dorsal fin

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