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1. Which Question paper Type of Biology is given to you?
A. Type A B. Type B C. Type C D. Type D

2. The function of the red head in male Agama lizards is to
A. conceal and camouflage the animal from predators
B. scare other males from the territory.
C. attract female lizards for mating purposes
D. warn predators of the distastefulness of the animal.

3. In which of the following species is the biomass of an individual the smallest?
A. Tilapia sp. B. Agama sp. C. Bufo sp.
D. Spirogyra sp.

4. Seed plants are divided into
A. tracfleophytes and ferns
B. angiosperms and gymnosperms.
C. monocotyIedon. and dicotyledons
D. thallophytes and bryophytes.

5. In which of the following groups of vertebrates is parental care mostly exhibited?
A. Reptilia B. Amphibia. C. Ayes D. Mammalia

Use the diagrams below to answer questions 6 to 8

6. Which of the organisms represented are notable agricultural pests?
A. II and IV B. I and IV C. II and Ill
D. land III.

7. An economic importance of the organism represented by IV is that
A. it transmits water-borne diseases to humans
B. it is destructive to farm crops.
C. its faeces pollutes drinking water
D. it helps in the control of mosquito larvae
8. he adult form of Ill is a vector of
A. sleeping sickness B. river blindness.
C. cholera D. Elephantiasis

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