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1. Which Question Paper Type of Biology as indicated above is given to you?
A. Type Green. B. Type Purple.
C. Type Red. D. Type Yellow.

Use the diagram below to answer question 2 and 3.

2. The organelle responsible for heredity is labelled
A. I B. Il C. Ill D. IV.

3. The part labelled IV is the
A. mitochondrion B. cell wall
C. endoplasmic reticulum D. nucleus.

4. Which of the following is most advanced in the evolutionary trend of animals?
A. Liver fluke B. Earthworm. C. Snail.
D. Cockroach.

5. Which of the following is the lowest category of classification?
A. Class. B. Species. C. Family. D. Genus.

6. Plants that show secondary growth are usually found among the
A. thallophytes B. pteridophytes
C. monocotyledons D. dicotyledons.

7. The fungi are a distinct group of eukaryotes mainly because they have
A. spores B. no chlorophyll
C. many fruiting bodies
D. sexual and asexual reproduction.

8. An arthropod that is destructive at the early stage of its life cycle is
A. butterfly B. mosquito C. bee D. millepede.

9. An animal body that can be cut along its axis in any plane to give two identical parts is said to be
A. radially symmetrical B. bilaterally symmetrical
C. asymmetrical D. symmetrical
10. Which of the following possesses mammary gland?
A. Dogfish B. Whale. C. Shark. D. Catfish.

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