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Questions I to 10 are based on selected poems from Ker, D, et al (edsj: New Poetry from Africa; Soyinka, W. (ed.) Poems of Black Africa; Senanu, K. E. and Vincent, T. (eds.): A Selection of African Poetry; Umukoro, M. et al (eds): Exam Focus: Literature -in- English; Eruvbetine, A. E. et al (eds.) Longman Examination Guides and Nwoga, D. I. (ed): West African Verse.
1. In Acholonu’s The Dissidents, ‘the daughter of my father is a
A. heroine B. villain C. character D. narrator

2. ‘… a huge senseless cathedral o doom’ in Kofi Awoonor’s The Cathedral implies
A. meaningless foreign religious practices
B. meaningless indigenous religious practices
C. the architectural beauty of the cathedral
D. the Catholic Church practices

3. The persona in Kassam’s Maji Maji represents the
A. warriors B. Germans C. Mzee D. listeners

4. David Diop’s Loser of Everything can be seen as
A. a lamentation of the destruction of African values B. the suppression of an African village
C. a celebration of African values
D. an account of warfare between an African
community and an invading force

5. Kalu Uka’s Earth to Earth is concerned with the
A. fertilization of the earth by moisture
B. loss of man’s property
C. seasonal flow of nature
D. happy beginning and sad end of life

6. ‘Love and loveless hate’ and ‘Love, lustreless word’ in Lenrie Peters’ She Came in Silken Drapes suggest that
A. love is a meaningless word
B. joy and sadness often mingle
C. love is forever sweet
D. love breeds hate

7. Arthur Nortje’s Nightfall is written against the backdrop of
A. apartheid B. revolution
C. celebration D. violence

8. The allusion to Eurydice’s experience in Robert
Frost’s Wild Grapes is an imagery of death and
A. reincarnation B. resurrection
C. rebirth D. growth

9. Mohan Singh’s A Village Girl centres on
A. the description of a village girl
B. beauty and its appreciation
C. man in nature
D. the elegance of a girl
10. In John Donne’s Death, be not Proud, the poet believes that death is
A. immortal B. mighty
C. pleasurable D. dreadful

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