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Questions I to 5 are based on Ahmed Yerima’s Attahiru.

1. To justify the deposition of the Emirs of Bida and Kontagora, the British authorities accuse them of
A. oppression B. mendacity
C. partiality D. embezzlement

2. ‘I wish him luck with his infidel friends, But he must remember that there is only one moon at a time one sun at a time’.
The speaker in the passage above is referring to a
A. moon gazer B. slave raider
C. muezzin D. usurper

3. Lord Lugard and the British military find it easy to penetrate the Sokoto Caliphate because the
A. Muslim faithfuls fight with bows and arrows while the British soldiers use rifles
B. Emir of Zazzau calls the whitemen to save him
from the attack of a fellow Muslim, the Emir of Kontagora
C. emirates of Sokoto and Zaria have not beer
friends since the reign of Caliph Abdulrahma’
D. emirates are only united to fight the whitemen
when it is the turn of Sokoto

4. Caliph Attahiru’s dream about heavy smoke or the battlefield and the ancestors passing the flag of Islam from one head to another serves as
A. a flashback B. a prophecy
C. foreshadowing D. a reverie

5. Madawaki: The whiteman is an
uninvited guest to our land
he must observe, not dictate.
The statement above is prompted by the
A. abolition of slave trade
B. undermining of caliphal authority
C. introduction of direct rule
D. imposition of taxes

Questions 6 to 10 are based on William Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

6. Claudius, though a murderer, is presented as a character
A. who has a superlative administrative style
B. with a living conscience that torments him
C. To whom past events have no significance
D. with an admirable physical appearance

7. The call made on Hamlet to avenge his father’s death makes him
A. purposeful B. impoverished
C. confused D. amused

8. Hamlet: Suit the action to the word, the word to the
action; with this special observance, that you o’erstep not the modesty of nature.
Here, Hamlet is urging the players to
A. reflect reality B. be good actors
C. justify their actions D. be creative on stage

9. The principal function of the play-within-the-play
in Hamlet is to
A. amuse Claudius
B. confirm the claim of the ghost
C. divert attention from the main event
D. create some comic relief in the tragedy

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