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1. A function of the part labelled II is to
A. help the animal maintain balance or posture
B. transform sound waves into electric impulses
C. equalize pressure on both sides of the tympanum
D. conduct sound waves to the brain.

2. The structure labelled I is the
A. hammer B. stapes C. malleus D. incus

3. The function of the fluid-filled pericadium is to
A. supply the heart with oxygen and nutrients
B. reduce the intensity of the pumping action of the heart
C. reduce the friction caused by the pumping movements of the heart
D. prevent disease organisms from attacking the heart.

4. Hydrostatic skeleton is the type of supporting system found in
A. arthropods B. mammals C. reptiles
D. oligochaetes.

5. The part labelled IV represents the
A. duodenum B. caecum C. ileum D. colon.

6. The bile is stored in the part labelled
A. IV B. I C. II D. Ill

7. The urinary tubules of the kidney function through
A. ultrafiltration and selective reabsorption
B. active transport and cytoplasmic streaming
C. osmosis and diffusion
D. active transport and osmosis.

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