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1. Night-blindness results from a deficiency of
A. vitamin E B. vitamin A C. vitamin K
D. vitamin C

2. The product of excretion common to the mammalian kidney, lung and skin is
A. mineral salt B. carbon(IV)oxide
C. water D. urea

Use the diagrams below to answer questions 3 and 4.
3. Sexual reproduction is illustrated in
A. II B. I C. Ill D. IV

4. A plant that exhibits the type of reproduction shown in IV is
A. Cola B. Ginger C. Bryophyllum
D. Sugar cane

5. An increase in air pressure in the lungs is due to the
A. increase in the volume of the thoracic cavity
B. upward movement of the ribs
C. relaxation of the diaphragm
D. contraction of inter-costal muscles.

6. One basic similarity between nervous and endocrine systems is that they both
A. produce widespread effects.
B. transmit very fast impulses.
C. involve the use of chemical substances.
D. produce precise and short-lived effects.

7. The organ situated in the pericardial cavity of a mammal is the
A. heart B. liver C. stomach D. spleen
8. A unique characteristic of the cervical vertebrae is the presence of
A. large centrum B. long transverse processes
D. zygapophysis D. vertebrarterial canal.

9. In rabbits, the chamber of the heart that receives oxygenated blood from the lungs is the
A. left ventricle B. left auricle C. right ventricle
D. right auricle.

Use the diagram below to answer questions 10 and 11

10. The part labelled IV is for
A. excretion B. nourishment C. protection
D. respiration

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