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1. The organs that will be most useful to giant African rats in finding their way in underground habitats are the
A. eorissae B. nostrils C. eyes D. tails.

2. The increasing order of the particle size in the following soil types is
A. clay  sand  silt  gravel
B. silt  sand  clay  gravel
C. clay  silt  sand  gravel
D. silt  clay  sand  gravel.

3. The causative agent of bird flu is a
A. protozoan B. virus C. bacterium D. fungus.

4. Which of the following is an example of parasitism?
A. Fungi growing on a dead tree branch
B. A squirrel living in an abandoned nest of a bird
C. Mistletoe growing on an orange tree
D. Cattle egrets taking ticks from the body of cattle.

5. One adaptation shown by hydrophytes in fresh water habitats is the
A. leaves reduced to spines
B. poor development of roots and xylem tissues
C. waxy cuticle on shoot surface
D. well-developed roots and supporting system.

6. A crucible of 5 gm weighed 10gm after filling with fresh soil. It is then heated in an oven at 100°C for 1 hour. After cooling in a desiccator, the weight was 8gm. The percentage of water in the soil is
A. 80% B. 60% C. 20% D. 40%

7. The highest level of ecological organization is the
A. ecosystem B. population C. biosphere
D. niche.

8. The mangrove swamp in Nigeria is restricted to the
A. Sahel savanna B. Sudan savanna
C. Guinea savanna D. Tropical rainforest.

9. A biotic factor which affects the distribution and abundance of organisms in a terrestrial habitat is
A. temperature B. competition C. pH D. light

10. In which of the following Nigerian states can mountain vegetation be found?

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